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Interesting week


Well,first of all a Non AF comment and general warning! I grazed my hand in the garden,didnt wash it straight away.Later,graze was a little red,but ok.Went to bed,woke up 3 am in a fever,shaking all over,hand swollen and red like a red rubber glove that had been blown A and E they out me straight onto IV antibiotics 2 bagfuls...the test marker for sepsis is 2.0,I ws 1.7.By now arm was tracked with red trails too,however a happy ending,its getting slowly better.I am on very strong oral antibiotics for 12 does say on the advice sheet,beware if taking with Warfarin etc,but im not goingto query it as obviously this takes priority over potential increased bleed risk.Just be careful out there!

Then,next day saw a new cardiologist.Waste of time.First of all he said Ah youve had AF since November 2017......i pointed out that no,since August 2013.I had been admitted in Nov 17 here. He then told me i had narrowing of my bicuspoid aortic valve,which i was surprised about.However,later in the discussion,I asked him what the plan was for that and he denied saying it,said they would keep an eye on it but there was no significant problems! Unusally my husband was with me as i couldnt drive with my hand,otherwise id have thought id misheard.

It went on like this for a while, then when i said i was actually being seen by Dr Osman,an eminent EP at a loca! University hospital,he said ..ok Ill see you in a year,just see him,hes very good.

Yes I thought,that sounds a plan! Sorry for long rant! He didnt have a clue that i had recentky had an echocardiogram at the university hospital...In my ignorance,in these digital times,I thought informatiin sharing was the way forward especially in health.

Top tip,I made up a folder with every letter,test result,repeat prescriptions etc in it.Proved very useful in dealing with this rather ineffective person.

They were not busy,department was virtually empty,and nurse said been like it all day.

Not good for bP!

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Sadly not an uncommon tale. Great idea about the letters file. I have had one since 2004 when my journey started. Quite thick now.!

wilsond in reply to BobD

I can imagine!have a nice weekend.

I had a similar conversation with a cardiac registra at my local hospital's cardiac outpatients last January, it was a yearly checkup. Started asking the usual questions and I said you are aware that I am now with an EP at Papworth (private appointment) and now on his NHS list. He said no, asked what was the outcome so past him the EP's letter to read. In the letter the EP does say I should have been referred sooner, he said yes I can see that now. I had been asking for a referral for two years.

My only option now is pace and ablate which I am still mulling over and researching. He asked if I was happy with that, I said it is still sinking in and will probably go ahead with it. So he said okay we will see you in a years time and I guess you will also carry on with Papworth. I also asked did he not have my latest echo and ECK 24 hour monitor results that I had done at Papworth on the NHS, no they were not on my file. I also thought we were meant to have these joined up notes now so that any hospital in the country could have access ie if you to to go to an A & E while on holiday they could access your notes!

I also keep a file of all my info, letters from ever body ecg, eco scans ect. althoug I have quite often been told I cann't have a copy of ECG's.

I also asked the registra if he could change my Bisoprolol as it was making me breathless to Nebivolol which is less likely to cause (I also have mild COPD which dosn't help). He looked up his book of drugs and dimissed the Nevivolol and gave me Carvedilol. I got this prescription looked at the box and on the box of the tablets was a warning in bold - Do not take if you are asthmatic or other breathing problems. I was also sure that the dosage was wrong it was 1 x 12.5 twice a day. I did not take them.

On Monday I had to speak to my GP to arrange my yearly blood test and I asked her about this. She said the dose was indeed to high, but she would prescribe the Nebivolol (I had always been told by the hospital that my GP could not change my drugs only the dosages, only cardiolagist could do that. Well got my nebivolol on Monday and have taken since Tuesday - await to see what difference it will make. Sorry for long post lol


wilsond in reply to cassie46

Its so frustrating! Similar story! Also my sisterin law had to be air!ifted into hospital after her gp prescribed a medication not to be used by renal patients AND double the dose! She wqs already on dialysis..but worse now.

And we are fair!y compo mentis! Look after yourself and hope all is well with the meds.....

dedeottie in reply to cassie46

Uugh, dont start me off, I could write a book !!

That's a good warning. I'm always cutting myself out in the woods on brambles, etc. I must remember to wash those as soon as I get home and apply antiseptic cream.

wilsond in reply to MarkS

I was amazed Mark...probably if i had done it earlier in the day would have noticed before it went Supernova! Take care

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