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Worried about daughter age 15 AF readings on Kardia is it possible she has AF?


My daughter just over a month ago started feelings of a strange sensations in her chest, heavy chest and dizziness which comes on suddenly. I was called to school on a few occassions and 3 weeks ago took her to g.p. He did an exam with EKG all normal and ordered a 48hr EKG. Since then have found my Kardia i bought for myself for palpitaions and have given it to her when she feels symptoms. All readings for her are unclassified with 3 showing possible AFib. I took the AFib recordings to g.p who said it looked like AFib. She did EKG told all normal and told to monitor as we had the Kardia. If we had any more episodes to go to A&E which did happen. At A&E had EKG ect..was told all normal sent to childrens ward. Registrar saw the Kardia printouts was a bit dismissive and said nothing can be done documented as every 12 lead EKG thats done is normal and we were sent home. We are also told there is no consultant peadeatric cardiologist to be referred to. Im starting to doubt the Kardia now but i can't doubt her symptoms. Is it possible for a child of 15 to have AFib? Also just found out there is nothing significant on 24 EKG.

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I would insist on the GP gets in touch with somewhere like Great Ormond Street. It is easy to send the Kardia reading by e, mail for them to look at. Our support group medical director diagnoses people easily when we run screening events in Epsom town centre- it is well accepted device.

Greymist in reply to rosyG

Hi thanks for the reply. This is a great idea thank you I feel the g.p was genuinely concerned.

It may be supra ventricular tachycardia,my 7 year old goddaughter has had it since she was 3.Best to follow up and rule things out.


Kardia will show unclassified if rate is over 100 I believe. Mine does anyway. Also highly sensitive to interference ad often gives rogue readings. My EP called them "artifacts" .

Since you are saving the reading that is good. It is only one lead but should be able to be read by a trained person. At least to the point of maybe a longer term wearing their approved monitor.

What it says is always by only its limited programming. But save the readouts as they are a real one lead readout. also with some twisting there are ways to do another one lead readout but different lead of a twelve lead output. So may do those also and note which ones you have done. Should be in the manual how to do them.

Hi Greymist

My Niece's 18 year old daughter has a heart condition which makes her feel dizzy and poorly, so yes a 15 year old can get the feeling to. It is a heart condition similar to afib I believe but they have not told me what it is. My advice is don't let up on it until someone gets to the bottom of it. When faced with a problem some doctors may want to sweep it under the carpet. Stick with it and good luck for the future.

Regards Flyer.

My salespersons son just found out he had cardiomyopathy at age 15, suspected during a football sports exam and was referred to Childrens hospital for eval. He now has ICD and can no longer play sports, long story, but children can be easily passed by on undetermined heart conditions.

There are ways to improve the clarity of the Kardia results. The patient must sit very still, as gross motor movements can generate electrical signals that can be picked up. Also, if the phone decides to contact the mobile network during the test it can screw up the recording, especially if the signal is weak, so set it to 'Aeroplane mode' first. If the contact with the fingers is not good enough, it's easiest to lick the fingers first, which will improve the connectivity.

Email me the recording(s) and I will review. I doubt she has AFib but may have an irregular heart rate that is normal.

My email is drdave@alivecor.com and I invented the Kardia.

Thanks I've just sent some readings

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