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I have been on Xarelto for almost five years for unprovoked bilateral pe's and are on Xarelto for life as far as I know as a precaution.

I am due to have 8 top teeth extracted in just over a week, being sedated due to severe dental phobia.

Has anyone had experience with multiple extractions while on Xarelto? Did you have to stop medication before and after? What was your experience with bleeding?

I'm just after some reassurance as like I said I am very nervous.

Thankyou in advance for any replies 😊

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you've already asked this and had replies!


look up the NICE guidance online for timing and Acs.I didn't;t have to stop when having canine roots removed and I had no bleeding- from memory I think you stop for a short time when having several teeth removed. Don't think you should be nervous- teeth need to be in good condition for heart health !!


I have had just one tooth extracted whilst on xarelto with no problem but cant comment on multiple ,


Hi Paula, My experience has not been with Xarelto but let me share my dental experience while on anticoagulants. About 2 years ago I needed my two back upper teeth extracted due to old crowns that were cracked. It went fine but what the dentist suggested is that I speak with my cardiologist (actually my EP) to see how he wanted me to cut down on my coumadin for the dental surgery. I did and we followed the EP's advice which involved skipping the coumadin for several days before the dental work. As it happens, I'm off the Coumadin and just started Plavix yesterday for 4 months. The info the pharmacy gave me with the prescription last night said to stop the med 2 days before any dental procedures. Xarelto is a similar med. My advice would be not to have any dental procedures without including your cardiologist, Electrophysiologist, or whoever prescribes your Xarelto re the best way to manage your upcoming extractions. I have a wonderful dentist but his specialty is teeth not cardiac'/anticoagulation issues. Work with both specialties to get the best and safest treatment plan for yourself. Better to be on the 'abundance of caution' side. Hope this helps. irina1975


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