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Verapimel and breathlessness on exertion

Does anyone have experience with verapimel or other calcium channel blockers? 4 months post ablation-very short winded. Afib less frequent and doesn’t last as long but can’t tolerate even minor exercise because of breathlessness . No flec since ablation. Tried beta blocker with similar results as far as short winded. Thanks

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It may be due to the verapamil having a negative inotropic effect on your heart, causing some mild heart failure. You should get an ECHO done to assess further. Also routine bloods

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Thanks Goldie.


i take Verapramil every day and have done for several years with no side effects at all. I was put on it as I couldn't cope with Bisoprolol? I suppose we are all different and no two AF sufferers seem to have the same symptom/triggers.


Thanks soupersue. Since I posted I had some blood work and my hemoglobin levels have dropped from 14 to 10 so I’m somewhat anemic now which contributes to the breatlessness. They don’t know why level has dropped. Perfect! Something else to worry about. Lol! Have a great day!


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