Hi everyone.

I'm becoming so fed up with being breathless , especially in the morning when I'm walking the dog!! I never suffered before I had an ablation (18 months ago) but have ever since. Any slight incline is felt and I certainly can't walk and talk without sounding breathless. I am a 70 yr old lady who is used to being very active and a regular visitor to the gym, but I can't do it anymore.

Just wondered if anyone out there is suffering the same , and, like me, is given no answers to why ? And will it get worse, I wonder?

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  • Are you taking any meds. I'm thinking of a beta blockers perhaps ?

  • Yes I have been on Bisoprolol but now only on Rivaroxaban.

  • Bisoprolol has made me breathless. I am currently coming off it so I hope it doesn't persist.

  • Hi, Yatsura is right. Beta blockers can make you breathless. There is more than one type so a change may be needed.

  • Hello, yes I get breathless since my ablation in August 2016.

    Prior to ablation only got breathless when in af. I would have af episode about every 2 weeks and it lasted about 8-10 hrs each time and always reverted itself. I am off all medication and I have had no af, just plenty of ectopics that are bearable. I'm 52 yo female.

    Now I can't do much quick cardio and am more of a stayer . Incline walking is doable but I can't talk at same time. Not letting it stop me and planning a 3 day hike in New Zealand end of March. Do weights and some light to moderate cardio and walk the dog. All ok if I warm up and don't do,anything too explosive. Hopeful it will get better as time passes but prepared to accept it if af stays away. So yes to your question and no beta blocker involved

  • Thanks a lot. Rightly or wrongly have come off beta blocker , only Rivaroxaban now. Dr.doesn't want me to take anything really - he reckons no AF , no meds! Will have to live with it I think😩

  • yes I have very recently started with tight chest/cough and difficulty breathing in when I walk! not sure what is causing it at the mo but have had a recent bad cold and a cardio version last Thursday. Going to GP Thursday as this is worse than the Atrial flutter and Tachycardia I had before which incidentally the cardio version seems to have sorted for now. Good luck and let us know how you are doing!

  • I could have written this post! same age, same problem with dog, same drugs, same breathlessness on any incline except not had an ablation. Get exhausted walking up steps from tube and can really only do 1 activity a day. My doctor is saying it is a mixture of the condition and the beta blocker and she does not have any answer. Going to AF clinic next week (1st specialist appointment since I first complained of AF in July last year except for emergency at Xmas (when I thought I was going to die with a HR of 200 and had not been treated in all that time)

    She has given me a letter asking them to try and find a solution as she says I am too young not to have a life but I do think nowadays it is like painting by numbers - you've got this condition - take these drugs - and no individual assessment.

    It is reassuring (although not good for you I know) that it is not just me.

  • Thanks for that! Just keep hoping it will improve, but get bad days when I just desperately want to do better!

    Best of luck to you😀

  • i understand the breathlessness, and weakness is very annoying!!

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