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Change to Digoxin

I have just been changed from 5mg Bisoprolol to 125mg Digoxin, having collected them from the chemist, they were loose in a small brown bottle with a chemist printed label on them and no leaflet.

Wanting to know if there is anything I should not take with them etc I looked them up via Google

Wished I hadn't now. The description of 125mg tablet is nothing like the one I have.

The one I have is white with DO12 stamped on it, yet all I can find say it should be yellow. with other letters on

Am I being paranoid ?

Do they come in different colours?

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rjr - if you are paranoid, then so am I because I would not accept a drug like Digoxin without packaging and a patient information leaflet.

Others who are more knowledgeable will advise but if it were me, I would contact the chemist and ask some serious questions.

Best wishes


A couple of things rjr....generally Digoxin is only prescribed to sedantry folk as it's far less effective for folk who are reasonably active. Secondly, you should wean yourself off Bisoprolol, going to perhaps 2.5 mg for a week, then dropping to 1.25 mg for a further week.

Finvola is absolutely right, best not to touch medication which is not properly packaged and with a leaflet.....I smell a bit of recycling here, or perhaps I'm paranoid!!

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Thanks for the replies. I have now resolved it. I went to see the chemist and what had happened was they had a new box of 500 and should have given me a leaflet especially as it was a first time use for me.

Plus what they actually gave me was "Lanoxin" (which is white) and is the same as Digoxin. Unfortunately they never printed that info on the label .

They were very apologetic saying in should not have happened and they would make sure that sort of thing would not happen again

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Pleased you got it sorted - it is unnerving when you see things like that so good to always check.


How many people checked their tablets after reading this post?

My 125 micro gram Digoxin is white and I ALSO take 12.5 Bisoprolol, as well as my Apixaban, entresto, furosemide and atorvastatin


I always check my tablets if they look different from my usuall and i check the dosages as well.


Digoxin comes in blister packs.

My normal chemist tried to convince me that they only come loose in bottles.

Another chemist provided them in blister packs - then I knew the expiry date and always got a leaflet.


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