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2nd rf ablation

Going for 2nd ablation on 5th feb. 1st cyro ablation was a year ago but only manage 3 veins due to phrenic nerve palsy. Still get occasional episodes so going to get 4th vein done and touch up on other ones. Usual nerves wondering if I should get it done. I will go ahead but there is always these risk doubts nagging in my head. I didn’t find the procedure too uncomfortable last time so don’t have that worry. Roll on 5th to get it over with. Seem to be going to a day unit at 7.15am. I wonder if i’ll get out the same day as its called a day unit.

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Always a bit of a dilemma Elsie, like you, I’m on the waiting list for a second RF ablation, but I will put my trust in my EP and let him get on with it. I think you should be prepared for an overnight stay, but I expect that will be made clear at your pre-assessment


good luck - let us know how you get on


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