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I had an implanted loop recorder fitted last August. I have been suffering with an irregular heart rhythm for about two years.

The information recorded on the implant is relayed automatically back to the hospital overnight.

I had a phone call yesterday morning telling me that my heart rate had dropped very low (30 bpm) two days previously. They asked me whether I had been aware of it. I most certainly had been. I had felt desperately unwell for most of the day.

I was told that the reports would be discussed immediately with a cardiologist & that I would receive a call back. Within half an hour I had the call & after a shot discussion it has been agreed that I require a pacemaker. This will be done within six weeks.

I am very relieved to know that this will now be done & I can hopefully look forward to better health & more energy.

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That's good news- modern pacemakers seem great and you will have much more energy Let us know how you get on


Excellent, good to know you have a procedure pending. Best wishes.

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Very glad to hear you have had such a swift diagnosis - sounds like impressive nhs service. Really hope the pacemaker helps. :)

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Hi all the best pacemaker is the best thing I ever had done like you HR dropped to 30bpm my doesn’t it feel aweful when that happens? Anyway just to encourage you im on my 2nd pacemaker now had mine replaced just over a year ago. It’s given me my life back quite literally I have more energy it gives me more confidence that I will stay well knowing I have it and that it adjusts with my heart and records everything m heart is doing it’s amazing

Nearly 12 years on I wouldn’t change it for the world and at 55 yrs young ive a way to go yet

My life has changed for the better I’m pretty sure in time you will feel the same

Hope it all goes well for you thinking of you

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Thank you Babyr1966,

Great to hear that a pacemaker has given you a new lease of life. In the time since my heart started playing up I have found that even dropping below 50 bpm makes me feel very unwell.

Because of other health problems I am not very active, I use a powered wheelchair. I think that in the first instance I thought the extreme exhaustion I was feeling was down to my general health. It wasn't until I began getting regular episodes of missed beats that I became aware that it was my heart.



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