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Atrial fibrillation / non specific st t changes


I had my EKG showing I had an afib with isolated PVC so I've decided to undergo a echo cardiogram luckily the result was all normal so I've decided again for second EKG shows that I had a normal sinus rhythm normal axis but have a non specific stt changes I feel dizzy everyday and I on xanax for my anxiety is there anyone who was related to my experience and what is the heart rate of afib patient at rest thanks

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Hi Budoypapaitan and welcome to our forum.

I believe there are quite a few members on here who suffer with anxiety and I'm sure they will soon be along to advise. Feeling dizzy every day doesn't sound right. What medication are you taking to control your AF?


From now I have nothing because my cardiologist tell me to undergo to holter monitoring

My only medications as of now is potassium and diltiazem for the heart/hypertension xanax for anxiety

Salmeterol fluticasonne for my adult onset asthma

But recently I do not take it because of gaining so much weight

My EKG test

Atrial fibrillation with isolated pre mature ventricular contractions

Echo cardiogram all normal left right atria led right ventricular ejection fraction 62 no thrombus and pericardial vegetation over all normal and good structures

Last ECG

Normal axis

Normal sinus rhythm

Non specific sttwave changes


Hello Budoypapaitan

Welcome. I'm sure we can help. Who wouldn't be anxious when you discover you have AF. All of us were.

It would help if you could tell us a little more about yourself, if you feel like sharing. Things like

How old are you? Is this your first and only episode of AF. Was this ECG reported by a cardiologist or via computer software? Have you seen a cardio?

Do you have other possibly relevant medical history? Any other medication.

Any chest pain or breathlessness? Why did you have the ECG in the first place. Did your anxiety start after you found out about the AF?

Have you had a full physical and blood work up including thyroid?

Tell us more about the dizziness. Does the room spin or are you lightheaded? Have you fainted? Does your heart start racing suddenly and if so, how often and how long for?

There is no such thing as a usual resting rate of atrial fibrillation, it's often no different from normal sinus rhythm. Non specific ST segment changes are of no consequence. They mean nothing.

One sure way of having another episode of AF is to keep panicking. Finding out all you can about AF, not least here - click on AFA link and search top right- will help you get a different perspective on AF.and you will start to feel less anxious as a result.

Take it easy with the Xanax (Alprazolam). It's an effective stress buster in the very short term but it is habit forming and it can be difficult to get off it.

Remember, none of us are doctors here and we are unable to diagnose or advise about treatment. We are however here to support you and give you the benefit of our experience.

You are going to be fine. You have a normal heart, just an annoying wiring problem which can be fixed.

Best wishes to you and welcome to the forum, you are among friends,

Budoypapaitan in reply to Hidden

I am 32 years old I'm on xanax diltiazem for the heart I didn't have any blood test but EKG only instructed by my cardiologist at first it appears to be that I had this AF with PVC so my Dr decided to make another test which is echo cardiogram and it appears all normal to be sure he instructed me for another ECG for the last time luckily my EKG shows normal but there is one bothering me the non specific st wave changes so the Dr ask me to undergo holter test I do have this fear of dying before I discovered I have this AF thing because I had too a lung problems adult onset asthma I don't know what to do right now I'm so confused whether I do have this AF or not hopefully by the way thank you guys for the support

And about on chest pain I do have pain on my Lowe r ribs and when I'm lyng down I feel this heaviness /tightness

Hidden in reply to Budoypapaitan

Hi Budoypapaitan.

Random thoughts.

Non specific ST changes can be due to low magnesium levels. Low Mag can impact AF. See Dr Sanjay Gupta, cardiologist in York, UK on this, one of many excellent videos he has done. Check him out.

Get your red cell magnesium checked (not serum which is not a useful measure of total mag) BEFORE taking any mag or you will never know whether it was low in the first place.

Is your asthma allergic in origin, and what inhalers are you using, do they provoke AF if used excessively? Is there any chance your asthma is actually breathlessness due to fast AF episodes?

Consider a thyroid blood check. If this is your photo, you don't look particularly hyperthyroid but that can trigger AF.

You really do need a full work up in my opinion, especially at your age. And maybe a 30 day event recorder to check your AF burden, or how much AF you are getting.

More information please, re my questions above.

I'm rather hoping some real experts are going to step in now, to be frank I'm a bit knackered this morning mate, as our great leader BobD might say ☠️

Oh, I'm sorry to inform you, you won't be dying until you are at least 100, certainly not because of your AF, though you might need to take blood thinners one day.

Whether that is good news is up to you.

Anyone else up for advising Budoypapaitan.

Ladies, Guys ?

ps too much potassium can cause ECG changes. You are on potassium - why? Maybe get it rechecked?

Budoypapaitan in reply to Hidden

Yes thats my picture

And thank you for answering it is very informative

Potassium is for hypertension / diltiazem is for angina I had a series of hypertension too that feels like a double whammy to me hope I am not on afib my Dr advise me on a holter monitor for a day yes I am considering to undergo to thyroid test thank you ahhh by the way I'm on seretide (us) name (adeflo (Philippines)

What do you feel when afib strucks

Everyone experiences AF differently - some people don’t even know they are in AF and it is only detected by taking a pulse or ECG. Others with AF that comes and goes -PAF - tend to know when it is there and when not. Catching PAF can be a pain as it comes and goes and having a holter will normally ensure you stay in NSR. But it may show up something.

I know when I’m in AF as my HR increases, my heart thumps very loudly and I can see it thumping beneath my skin so it feels very powerful. AF is an irregular, irregularity so heart will race, pause, race, race pause type of thing.

Budoypapaitan in reply to Hidden

My only medications as of now is potassium and diltiazem for the heart/hypertension xanax for anxiety

Salmeterol fluticasonne for my adult onset asthma

But recently I do not take it because of gaining so much weight

My EKG test

Atrial fibrillation with isolated pre mature ventricular contractions

Echo cardiogram all normal left right atria led right ventricular ejection fraction 62 no thrombus and pericardial vegetation over all normal and good structures

Last ECG

Normal axis

Normal sinus rhythm

Non specific sttwave changes

Uncontrolled asthma can make you feel dizzy and anxious and is much more dangerous than AF so please take your medication or ask to change if it doesn't suit you. You are probably gaining weight because of the Diltiazem which can cause weight gain and swelling. It can also make your heart run too slow if your dose is too high, your nsr should be 60 to 100, too slow or low BP also caused by Diltiazem can make you feel dizzy.

I know it is no use saying 'don't worry' because any heart problems cause anxiety but I can say you will feel better when you have more information from the doctor and you get used to your diagnosis, it takes time. Good wishes.

Yes I am gaining too much weight from 90 kg to 103 in a year span now

And yes this is the first time the EKG recorded AF

Complaints hypertension dizziness,difficulty of breathing as if there is restrictions on breathing maybe due to astma most difficult thing of all anxiety


While we are waiting for the cavalry, a few more thoughts.

Could you have a look at your box of hypertension tablets and tell us the name?

How fast is your heart when you get breathless and is it regular?

Can you describe what it feels like when you get dizzy? Are you sitting lying or standing when you get dizzy, Is your heart racing at the same time?

How much is your dose of diltiazem? Do you take your own BP? It could be helpful to get your own machine if you don't.

Has your doctor mentioned phaeochromocytoma which is a rare condition?

Have a read about it, do you think you have many of the symptoms associated with that?

I will ask the others for their help. Are you in the Phillipines? Do you pay for your own healthcare?

Budoypapaitan in reply to Hidden

Yes sir I pay for my own health care 60 mg of diltiazem 50 mg of losartan potassium

My heart rate after walking is 136 but if I'm at rest it was 80 below

I get dizzy when I stand up and at times when I was walking but sometimes if I am on xanax I CNT feel em

When I get breathless my heart rate range between 100 110 max I think it happens once or twice

No my Dr wouldn't rule out nor suggest anything on my case he suggest holter monitor 24 hour

For further testing yes here in the Philippines we had a poor healthcare compare abroad

When I get dizzy it feels like when yoour head was at right and you turn left that's when I get dizzy or sometimes when I walk but if I am lying down I CNT feel em or I'd I am on xanax

Thank badger you really help me a lot

When I feel dizzy its just like I feel like I'm going to faint but my heart is not racing at all and I am not breathless I don't know what to do even my mom she thinks iam under a spell like a voodoo curse

If your heart is out of rhythm it is not pushing oxygen around your body so you won’t feel great! Please don’t get pulled into believing nonesense - stick to the facts. The dizziness could be due to a number of things - including self induced anxiety.

Just as you can think yourself well you can also think yourself unwell.

Because my EKG (latest one seems Norman and AF free yet my body says there's something wrong with me and the non specific waves)

It sounds as though you could have low blood pressure as that can cause dizziness, especially when standing. Have you had your blood pressure recorded? Drinking more water can help to bring that up.


Love lots jean thanks

Hi - And can I call you Bud?

I’m not well today and I suffer from muscle weakness so very tired today.

AF is not life threatening, I have had AF for more than 10years but anxiety is AF bedfellow and unfortunately when you become anxious it can exacerbate AF symptoms or trigger it.

May I suggest that you visit the AFA website for reading about AF and it’s treatments. In the UK - this is mostly a UK site - first line treatment is always an anti- coagulant such as Wafarin or one of the newer anti coagulants Which don’t require INR testing.

After that, heart rate will vary considerably - when in AF mine can reach 180-190 but is often 150+. this is nothing to worry about, feels awful I know and it does make one feel breathless and tired, especially when it goes on for more than 4-5 hours. I have very low BP, especially in AF so worth monitoring your BP, easy to this yourself. This can be a reason for syncope or near syncope with AF.

The tests you have had are it really ECG (EKG to you) to get an overview of the electrics of your heart - again - I do this myself with a gadget available called Kardia.

A mobile ECG worn for 48 hours or longer will give more detail of what is going on before or after AF episode and may shed light on the ST issue - I have depressed ST and no-one takes much notice of it.

The Echo will give a picture of the structure of the heart and show any abnormalities of the valves and the muscle which will go toward building the overall picture and informing possible treatment options.

First and foremost Lifestyle changes are most effective - weight, smoking, exercise & alcohol and need to be followed - along with addressing the anxiety and relaxation.

My advice at this stage is don’t overthink this, follow advice from your cardiologist, inform yourself by reading but stick to reliable sources such as AFA - link on this forum. AF is THE most common Arrythmia in the world - something like 25% of people over 45 will develop AF. Remember that knowledge is power so know your enemy.

Thanks very informative I am on xanax

And I am 33 years old

Which is a tranquilizer? Would that not be a factor for your dizziness?

Xanax (xanor in the Philippines) when I am dizzy I used that to minimize my anxiety

Don't know yet if it is the cause of it



Your kind words are appreciated but we are all equals here. No Sir please, just Badger

I am glad you have received support from another quarter. I have asked the others to chip in.

It has always been my pleasure to help others, but now I may not be here much longer.

I wish you well. My parting wish for you is that your anxieties will ease in time.

It is my professional opinion that you will do very well once your doctors have got to the bottom of this. You will receive wonderful support here in time, I certainly have and have learned so much, not least about myself.

Posts on the site are easily overlooked, there are just so many.

If this happens it is essential that you bump your thread or ask another question to get back to the top of the Newsfeed.

With very best wishes to you Budoypapaitan and to your family

Budoypapaitan in reply to Hidden

Thank you badger

Badger - where are you going? I hope you aren’t leaving us? x

Hi Bud(oypapaitan),

My young students (junior athletes) would say of me now: "She's older than dirt." True enough. The input here is strictly from lessons learned—and experiential knowledge acquired--while venturing along a road less traveled.

(Notation: this reply is not specifically AFib related, and offers consideration for a complementary approach to dealing with health issues. This young man lives in the Philippines where up to 98% of the populace are affected by pollution-related health issues, lung and heart ‘problems’ among them.).

Some questions if you are still seeking answers:

When were you diagnosed with asthma and prescribed medication?

How long did you take it?

How long ago did you stop taking it? All at once, or incrementally?

You mentioned ‘fear of dying’ as an anxiety trigger. Was this a statement of fact or a colloquial expression?

If I am not mistaken, you live on an island highly-prone to disaster. Are you a survivor of one? If so, perhaps you might want to consider PTSD as a causative factor. A community search for VAGUS NERVE will elicit a bounty of information. Hyperarousal of the vagus nerve is a major contributor to highly-explosive PTSD episodes.

Some considerations: (CDreamer: ‘knowledge is power, know your enemy; ‘Just as you can think yourself well, you can also think yourself unwell.’) Sound advice, heed it well.

Regarding ST-T waves:

Regarding dizziness: a consideration.

Also Jean-Jeannie50’s input on importance of hydration in relation to low BP/dizziness. (Current USA health/fitness recommendation is 1/2 body weight in pure water every day).

Re anxiety: another HealthUnblocked forum,

As well as

A 'wisecrack' parting thought: if someone has cast a VooDoo spell upon you, it isn’t working! (CDreamer: ‘stick to the facts.’) You found HealthUnblocked--AFib and some of the most caring/sharing people on the planet!

I’ll dance a jig to that one!!

CDreamer in reply to chrysalis8x

Good input, all factors to be considered.

chrysalis8x in reply to CDreamer

Thank you.....hope you're feeling better and on the 'upswing.'

CDreamer in reply to chrysalis8x

Much better day today thanks. I had a virus which upset my heart and Mg so double whammy but there is SO much around at present very hard to dodge unfortunately.

Hello it all started when I rushed to the hospital a year ago due to difficulty of breathing since then I had a odd feeling of fear of dying and then up to now abnormal findings on my EKG happens but before it doesn't exist about on my asthma its almost been a month now that I had stop taking my medication no asthma attacks luckily but I am more concerned now on my heart rhythm

Thank you. Am I understanding correctly that your heart issues were not present while you were taking your asthma meds?

If they were not, perhaps you might choose to pursue abruptly discontinuing your asthma meds as a contributing cause to your current heart issues.

More importantly, do ALL of your medical professionals know that you have discontinued your asthma medicines, whether abruptly or otherwise. If not, I would think it in your best interest to be sure that they do.

Steroid Drug Withdrawal Symptoms, Treatment & Prognosis - "Steroid use cannot be stopped abruptly; tapering the drug gives the adrenal glands time to return to their normal patterns of secretion. Withdrawal symptoms and signs (weakness, fatigue, decreased appetite, weight loss, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain) can mimic many other medical problems.

Of course you are concerned about your heart rhythm, and rightly so from my experience. Fear of the unknown is a fearsome foe.

However, from what I have gleaned from your posts, you are doing what many less formidable 'gladiators' would not. You are reaching out for help with an open, intelligent and inquiring mind.

An experiential wisdom shared -- in medical school, a much-used teaching tool is this expression: 'When you hear hoof beats, think of horses, not zebras.'

For some reason--in my younger years--I very much wanted the latest health onslaught to be a Zebra. Now I am immensely relieved when it's just a Horse!

Wishing you the very best in your journey back to optimum health. Please do keep us updated on your progress with new posts.

Thank you mam

People with AF often report a sense of impending doom - sense of something life threatening - unfortunately it is part of the body’s alarm system alerting you. But sometimes - like any alarm system - it is triggered by events that aren’t immediately life threatening - so I learned to ignore it and reinterpret it as a precursor to - I am about tot have an AF episode.

chrysalis8x in reply to CDreamer

Another day has just begun across the pond, and I have already learned something important to my well-being. Thanks CD.......'May the best sunrise of your life be the one you woke up to this morning.'

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