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ok I have seen my consultant. He said the echocardiogram I had has shown my heart has weakened slightly but that's normal when you have AF. He has given me Ramipril to address this and says 1.25MG is a really small dose. They are going to cardio avert me but instead of keeping me on digoxin they are going to give me another drug .I cant remember what it is called it starts with OM I think but its stronger than digoxin and I have to take it 2 weeks before I have the procedure. My aortic valve hasn't changed which is good and they have increased my bisoprolol slightly. Feel a lot better seeing him as he says there are lots of things to try and not to worry so feeling less anxious just glad im having treatment.

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Make sure its not amiodarone


I second that its a poisonous drug it nearly wrecked my lungs and can turn you blue, Sotalol is no better, neither is digoxin ,steer clear of all three


Sorry fairgo45, can't let that pass.

Hundreds of millions of people going back millennia have taken digitalis and not been poisoned. Only a small number now take it, but only because there are more effective drugs available. It is still used in certain cardiac conditions to good effect.

Sotalol is widely used around the world by hundreds of thousands and is safe in the right hands.

Yes both Digoxin and Sotalol can kill you, but only if not prescribed, managed and followed up correctly.

Best not to alarm folk unnecessarily.


A Doctor told me one wrecks your lungs and the other your liver

My choice to stop taking both and switch to ablation and rate control no intention to scare people just make them aware there are safer drugs than Amiodorone and Sotolol

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It probably is Amiodarone as he is going to be cardoverted in the near future - think this is normal. Your dose of Ramipril is small, I take 5 mg and am ok with this.


Amiodarone is probablly OK for up to a month or so, but try not to let them keep you on it much longer. It stays in the system for a long time, so will probably continue to protect you from returning to AF for a while, but can have many unwanted consequences, so is not recommended any longer than necessary. The EPs often recommend it before and after carioversion in order to help the cardioversion to be effective for longer.

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