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Deleted Posts - Please read!

I have had a number of members asking me lately about posts being deleted from this forum. Please first of all, may I reassure you that as admins, we do not delete a post unless it violates our forum rules - please see pinned for further information.

I have contacted Health Unlocked support, and they will look into this. Ideally though, they need the original poster's names, and the titles of the posts, along with the approximate date it was created so that they can investigate thoroughly.

If you know that one of your posts has disappeared, and you can remember the title and date, please reply on this thread or by private message.

The more information I have, the better they can investigate.

Thank you in advance for your co-operation.

Best wishes to all

Rachel - AF Association Patient Services.

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Thanks Rachel - I’ve not noticed any problems but seen a few posts of people saying they have on various issues.


Rachel. Badger25 was the one whose posts seem to have been most affected. Suggest you contact him

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Does the same no-deletions-by-admin apply to replies in a thread? (assumng polite, etc)


Hello, sorry for the delay in responding. Yes we will not delete anything if it is relevant and polite. We may occasionally feel that a reply might perhaps give personal information, for instance if someone asks me to email them information and shares their email address on the public forum. We would then also delete for their own protection.

I hope that this answers your question.

Kind regards

Rachel - AF Association Patient Services

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