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Kardia from Amazon

I have had 3 ablation in the last 12 months. First one was for a flutter the next two were for a fib.

Also had one caridoversion. During that time. So it has been a busy year.

I have been over obsessing with my BPM because I before the last ablation went to 155 with out any systems. Just lucky enough to be near a CVS and decided to check blood pressure and they detected it resulting in a weekend in the hospital. I think I overreacted but they did diagnose that I was back in AFib and thus the third ablation.

So I bought and i watch so I could check my BPM every 5 minutes if I needed to.. Which I did for a while.

Then I had my third ablation and supposedly everything is good now.

I am actually having a stress test today and an echo cardio gram so fingers crossed I am still in Sinus rhythm.

Anyway I purchased the $99 Kardia EKG reader. simple enough you down load the app put two fingers on the little pad they give you and 30 seconded later you will get one of three results. Unlcassified which means they don't know, Possible AFib and lastly normal.

I have been getting all three for the last two weeks. My BPM is steady at 60 vs 90 before third ablation.

So today am going to bring it with me to my cardia guy and compare results vs his thousands of dollar EKG machine and my $99 machine.

Has anyone out there used it and what are your thoughts on it?

I just find it hard to believe this little tiny machine with know wires hooked up to you can be reliable.

Also for $9 you can send your EKG off and they will read it in 24 hours.

Looking forward to hearing from you all and will get back to you on results of EKG.

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They can be a valuable tool but also promote OCD in users. I use mine maybe twice a year for that reason but know many people who swear by them. It is only a single lead trace so not fully informative and often produces "unclassified" results but when you are trying to get diagnosis can be helpful.


Bob, whais OCD?


Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Put simply it means that you do something over and over like hand washing etc, you just keep doing it.


There are many posts on here regarding the Kardia which used to be called ‘Alivecor’.

They are very useful. They can’t rival a multi lead ecg for detail or for looking at the heart from many aspects. For everyday monitoring however, they are invaluable. You can be assured by it when everything’s fine or record any anomalies as they occur.

Cardiologists/Electrophysisists do endorse them and many even use them themselves.

The doctor who invented it is a member of this site and adds comments occasionally.



If you want to post a reading on here, you will usually get sound comment and advice.

The machine is only giving a rhythm reading so much simpler than a full 12 lead EKG


They are valuable for checking if you are in AF or more likely confirming you are... also it’s about the only thing that gives you a near accurate pulse rate in AF .... good for ensuring it doesn’t go to the stage you need to seek medical assistance- ( I have been told 220+).


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