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Remembering an eminence grise

50 years from now, when they look back on the glory days of the AFA board, I am hoping they will discover a little red book.

"The collected aphorisms, the good humour, the insight and the general wisdom of one BobD, great leader and mentor".

Or some other similarly snappy title.

So we need an amanuensis if you like, a senior member perhaps, who goes back to the pioneer days, to comb the archives.

Something that I suspect Bob said in another guise, that has particular resonance for me, usually when listening to my older boys pronounce on things that they know little about.

" Ah, but I was so much older then, I'm younger than that now "

That is not to say I believe other than Bob will be here for many decades yet.

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Not sure what you are on but can I have some please Badger?


Reckon its top quality ganja from Nepal 🤣🤣


If you didn't get the reference this should help.

If you did, you've probably seen it.

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For you Dylan people out there, in the small hours of this midwinter morning

Turn the lights down low, and wind the clock back to when you were young all those years ago.

For me, the words are a haunting reminder and tinged with sadness.

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Jimmy LaFave died earlier this year in Austin, Texas.

His poignant cover of Dylan's reminiscence of lost love is below


Thank you I really enjoyed this. Perhaps this is the way for AF to go in 2018. Recommendations of relaxing music

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Many people prefer this cover by Jeff Buckley, I'm not one of them.

********* (1964)

Dylan has a rough voice, but from the earliest days this seemed to me to add to his extraordinary music and lyrics.

Andrew Motion had it right about his poetry


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