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New Way To Sinus

Hi again,

Still battling with this wonderful condition.

OK, 15 days ago I started another AF attack and this one has been particularly vicious. Next year, I'm having an ablation after making a deal with my Cardiologist. Basically, I said if I couldn't stay in sinus for 6 months, we'd go for the ablation. I've lost count of how many attacks I've had.

Anyway, my last post was on this very subject. Back to the cure....... (be so nice if it was). Basically, my wonderful partner, Gill, who used to work for the St John Ambulance decided to try something as I slept.

She put me in the recovery position and massaged my chest and back, (around the heart area) for twenty minutes, and then wrapped me up in a quilt. I went straight back into sinus.

I couldn't beleve it when I woke up 2 hours later. Thanks Gill, from the bottom of my heart, (no pun intended, lol). Maybe this might work for someone else. Hops so.


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Hmm, interesting post and I think we're all keen to hear of new methods to put us back into sinus rhythm.

I remember another lady writing on here quite a while ago who said that she massaged her heart area and spoke soothingly and that would stop her AF.

What a lovely partner your Gill is to be so concerned and caring about you.



I wonder which side she put you on? The massage would be soothing but I wonder if it was the movement in position. Do you often have AF starting at night? Do you sometimes snore? If the answer is yes then I would suggest having a sleep test for sleep apnea. There is a VERY strong link between SA & AF. If SA is discovered it can be treated with CPAP which can be very helpful.


Interesting, she probably rolled you onto your right side, am I right? Also try nasal strips at night. I am currently doing some research on breathing/snoring/ blocked sinuses - no conclusion yet. I rarely have a cold but I am always having to blow my nose to improve breathing and this causes problems at night, alleviated somewhat with nasal strips. I suspect this has been a contributory factor to my AF occurring during the night.


Yes second try it was my right side just below my shoulder blades. Sorry didn’t reply sooner. Oops



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