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Drama after fall

Slipped on the ice today and banged my head. Kept you do...and arrived home much later to find maroon bruise on forehead and beginnings of a headache. Hmm....phoned 111 and they insisted I go to A and E. Reluctantly I agreed. Now sitting waiting for result of CT scan to check for possibility of bleed. Oh dear. Didn't know how important it was to follow up after relatively minor head injury. Now I do.....Hopefully will get result before you all wake up......

Was told that even if not on anticoagulants

one should go to A and E.. but particularly if you are.....

So please please be careful everyone in this icy weather.... .

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A very salutary story.

I hope you are OK now.

Always best to check in such circumstances.



Sorry to hear that Lizty. How did you get on at A&E?


Thanks JJ. CT scan clear... thankfully. They also did a complete checkover..bp, blood test..the lot. Got home eventually at 4.30 am and just awake now..tired and with bit of a headache at point of impact!!

So the message from the hospital is : If on anticoagulants and have a head trauma go straight to A and E. And don't leave it until the evening as I did!! Phew!


A timely warning to us all Lizty - glad you are OK but a bit of a scare, I’m sure.


A point well made. Thank you.

Very occasionally, intracranial bleeding can be delayed and may not be apparent on an immediate CT scan.

When that happens it is usually in an elderly person on AC with a minor head injury.

The condition is called Subdural Haematoma.

Headaches, falls rather than slips, and confusion, raise suspicions.

I would think that in your situation after a normal CT, the chances of that happening now are none to vanishingly small.

None of us on AC should ignore a significant bang to the head. Acute bleeds can progress very quickly and demand immediate attention. Slow oozing bleeds are more insidious.

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Good to remember. I am awful at such matters. Two weeks ago my wife accidentally (I think ) shut the boot of her car on my head as I was reaching in for something. No big bump but it hurt for a while and I was very careful to watch out for any unusual behaviour or feelings for a few days. Not that anybody would notice unusual with


Thanks for the first laugh of the day Bob!


All part of the service.


Sorry to hear that. I know the feeling. Since 2013, any bad bump I have a scan. My 3rd one was missed by the scan at first but was found with an MRI. At least your mind will be at ease. Take care in this weather. Dave


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