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ECG results

Yesterday I spent 8 hours in the hospital having ecg's etc after a period of severe chest pain and back pain. My ecg showed an abnormal ST, and perhaps bradycardia.

I am 53 years old with a heart beat of between 58 and 65 bpm and my blood pressure was 133/88 - the doctor left me very worried as she said - 'well you could have a heart attack at any point but don't worry it probably wont happen' she then discharged me and sent me to my GP who looked carefully at my ECG and said it looked 'normal' but I have been referred to a cardiac clinic and am awaiting a date for being seen.

I feel breathless, panicy all the time now and scared to sleep - my doctor gave me aspirin and also an under the tongue spray which he didn't think I would ever use as he said it sounded more like acute heart burn - which I have had before.

A few years ago I was told I had a mild arrhythmia - but I am so worried - is there anyone there who can put my mind at rest?

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Some people seem to have had no training in bedside manner do they? Of course any body could have a heart attack. All the tests in the world will only tell you that you are not having one right then., Nothing can predict it with any certainty.

The next thing to say is that ECGs take many years of training to understand and really I would only take a specialist cardiologists word for what they indicate. My experiences is that if there were any doubts about your heart then you would not have been sent home. I know when I was in hospital and ASKED if I could go home they told me it would be foolhardy until they had finished all the tests.

All that said., this forum is primarily for people with atrial fibrillation so your experience may be outside our field of knowledge. The most important thing is to remain calm and try not to think the worst. Your GP seems caring and understanding so do talk to him again if anxiety gets the better of you.


The only thing I would add to Bob's reply is that because you are worried, anxious and frankly, just plain scared, if it's possible, consider having a private consultation with a Cardiologist. Around 3 years ago, I was in much the same situation you are now. I was referred to Cardiologist on the NHS but had to wait around 10 weeks for an appointment. Because I was getting in such a state, I saw a Cardiologist privately within a few weeks and it was the best £250 I have ever spent. The problem is the longer you fret, the more strain it will put on your heart and at the moment, the stats you have quoted are not exceptional, but we are not medically trained, so you need proper advice asap.....an initial private consultation should not impact on any further NHS treatment but I suggest that you do not cancel any NHS appointments. Hope this helps.......


not much to add to the other posts except to say the under the tongue spray will open up the blood vessels if you have chest pain so do use it. Hope all goes well for you

ST changes can be normal with exercise or can show some ischaemia or can show an acute situation- so they wouldn't have sent you home without treatment if they thought its was acute- the cardiologist will explain what was on the ECG so if you can get an early appointment it would be good!


Cardiologists usually work from specialist units and can conduct stress ecg’s etc. They also know the ranges and the anomalies that occur. At one hospital (Not a specialist heart unit) they suggested I needed a pacemaker and beta blockers due to arythmia and bradiacardia. I don’t have either! I had an ablation am med free listen to the cardiologist they are the ones that know. Other medical staff seem to be giving it their best guess!

I am as good as new now BTW

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