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Anyone seen Dr Vias Markides?

Hi everyone, I'm booked to see EP Dr Markides in outreach arrhythmia clinic at the Lister Hospital, Stevenage. Anyone on here already have him as their EP? I'd appreciate any comments, personal experience etc. (Feel free to PM me if you'd rather.) Thank you!

I've been warned I'll most likely see the 'Cardiac Nurse' instead, but I hope I get to see him in person :)

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He is on the list of the Royal Brompton if you goole him you can read about 'his credentials'.

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Thank you :) x


I am an ex colleague. I would go to him if I had a problem with my heart rhythm. I hope all went well.


Oh thank you so much for your reply - that’s very reassuring to hear.

Yes I saw him for an outpatient appointment and he was wonderful - and certainly made me feel i’m in safe hands :) So far I’m being treated with meds rather than ablation, as he feels it’s worth holding off unless the AF gets more frequent. (Which suits me!)

Thank you for bothering to reply. Are you in cardiology too?

Best wishes,



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