Problem with anticoagulants

I am having trouble taking anticoagulants. Started on warfarin 6 weeks ago but my stomach became so sore i had to stop. I have been on apabaxin (eliquis) for 5 days now but stomach pain has come back even worse. I am going for a cardioconversion on 14th november and have to be on these otherwise doctor will not do it. Don't know what to do next as i seem to have problems with anticoagulants.

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  • Hi Rita - Warfarin made my stomach sore when I first began taking it, then I started taking it mid breakfast and the problem went and has never returned.


  • The good news is that there are still other alternatives that you've not yet tried :-) When I took Pradaxa it had some gastric side effects, but now taking Xarelto there is no problem. Are you taking your Eliquis with meals?

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