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I had a cardiac ablation for atrial flutter last Wed 11th Oct at LGI all the staff were lovely and put me at ease.unfortunately during the ablation for my flutter I kept going in to atrial fibrilation which at one point I was given flecanide to restore NSR. The cardiologist explained to me because of this there were certain aspects of the ablation he was unable to perform and has listed me for an atrial flutter ablation in January of course I was disappointed to receive this news my ECG and holter recordings had shown a typical saw tooth pattern for atrial flutter.A few days after the procedure I picked up a bad cold which is making me feel extremely lethargic and my chest is still sore which I am presuming is due to my coughing and am hoping the lethargy is linked to this rather than post ablation symptoms.Has anyone else had a similar experience . Thanks Paula

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sorry to hear this- the two are closely linked so it's good that he is postponing and being careful- hope you get well soon


Thank you RosyG yes he said needed to wait till after recovery period from this ablation and would be able to tell what success level was with ablation for the flutter

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I was booked in for an ablation for AFib, but during the procedure they couldn't even stimulate the AFib so they had to give up. A few days later of course, my AFib came back....gggggrrrrr

Ony the same in that my heart wouldn;t do what it was supposed to do at the time!

In my case, I feel this was because the time they wanted me off my drugs prior to the ablation was not long enough. They told me to stop 3 days before, so I stopped 4 days before, but I now know it take more like 5-6 days it to get out of my system.



That must have been so disappointing for you just when you thought it was going to get sorted and only for it to return a few days later !! I can't tolerate the arrhythmia meds it makes my arrhythmias worse so I am just on bisophrolol.The cardiologist now thinks this is why because I have atrial flutter and atrial fibrilation and the flecanide made it worse when I was on it as it made the circuit shorter so made my symptoms much worse .Hope you get it sorted what is the plan now for you ?


Hi Paula,

Your post mirrows what happen to me a couple of years ago. All my ECGs said l had atrial flutter only prior to my Ablation, but during the procedure l went into AF, the EP then gave me Flecainide to bring me back to NSR, this failed, so then he cardioverted me back to NSR before proceeding further.

Did your EP not do any thing at all? As you said he has listed you for another atrial flutter procedure.



Hi Barry yes like you say very similar to your experience although i am glad i didnt need the cardioversion like you did .Sorry i meant to say he had listed me for the ablation for atrial fibrillation in January. Yes he ablated me for the flutter this lasted about 2 hrs 30mins .He spoke to me while I was stilli in the Cath lab and explained that he would need to do another ablation for the atrial fibrillation but couldn't do it at the same time as needed to use different equipment and that it was a bit more of a complex procedure i would need for the fibrillation.I was also last on the list that day too so he spent quite a lot of time explaining it to me.I haven't had any episodes of the atrial flutter since the ablation but have had periods of atrial fibrillation.My Flutter was always self correcting and was paroxymal but I was advised to have the ablation as due to my age (I'm 60) I would be more at risk of a stroke as i got older and the possibility of my symptoms worsening.


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