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is this ectopic?

I have had AF since my tia in February this year and I regularly take my pulse manually at the same time as using my phone sensor on Samsung S Health app. My question is that when taking the pulse as above, there is a manual disappearance of a pulse beat whilst at the same time the app shows a plateauing on the drop after the peak as shown on the rolling graph. It happens almost every 30 seconds all day. Is this the ectopic beat and is it normal all the time?

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You’re not really going to know unless you have something better to record it on like a Kardia device or similar.

I recommend you buy yourself a Kardia if you possibly can. You won’t regret it.



When you take your pulse manually, the ectopic is followed by a pause and is unmistakeable -

like boom - - boom - - boom-boom - - - - BOOM.

In my highly scientific example the ectopic is the fourth boom, followed by the compensatory pause and the BOOM is a normal beat which feels stronger.

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Ectopics men out of place. Without getting too technical this usually presents as a missed beat . It is not AF and shows quite differently on a proper ECG. Your doctor can do one and show you . Few other personal devices are capable of this other than Kardia. Usual statement not connected to no business deals with etc.

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I too used the Samsung app to check my heart rate but discovered it is innacurate for AF. Regular ECG's regularly produced a much different reading


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