I suppose this is a good thing - Testing for AF at surgery

Hubby wen for a blood test 10 days ago and had a flu jab at the same time. It was with the lady that just does the bood test, but she took his pulse saying that all patients having flu jabs they have to test their heartrate to look for AF. She found it was very irregularand rapid and booked a ECG for 5 days later. Hubby came home took his bp and heart rate and all perfect. Went for ECG perfect - wish mine looked like that. Nurse who did ECG was quite cross, asked who took the pulse rate, when told who muttered under her breath!!

So this will mainly apply to us mostly oldies enitled to free jabs and those entitled for other medical problems. But how many Afers will it pick up, those with persistent/permanent AF (probably already diagnosed) and the odd person who is having an episode at the time. I suppose something is better than nothing! Anyone know of any other surgeries doing this.


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  • I think it is an excellent idea and it is just a pity that an ECG couldn't have been done there and then - it literally takes five minutes (my AF was diagnosed by ECG after the doctor took my pulse) and by the end of that day I was on warfarin.

  • Same with me

  • Every time you go to our surgery they take your pulse. Prevention theory. I think it's great. Despite your husband not showing any further symptoms it doesn't mean he hasn't got PAF and could be at risk.

  • Yes, my surgery does a pulse check every time I see the nurse. But they already know I have AF!

  • Hi Cassie....personally I am impressed with what this nurse did!!

    I would rather they be concerned and possibly over-cautious than indifferent.

    Early diagnosis is the key. Whatever the reason was that the nurse decided that something was amiss that day, I am sure it was because she was following both instruction and her caring nature. All positive stuff.

    I am so pleased that the ECG showed everything to be normal.

    Its a shame that the ECG nurse showed her irritation as assurance would have been better for your husband and yourself.

    wishing you both good health.

  • If they are going to do this the surgeries should purchase the Kardia App . I believe the NHS are using it and are able to get reduced rates. That way they could have picked up a/fib straight away and not have had to wait 5 days.

  • What a good idea.

  • Yes it is all work in progress trying to find more AF patients to greatly reduce the number of life changing strokes. Bradford have the highest number of AF patients listed with the lowest stroke rates in UK thanks to this sort of initiative. Shame on the ECG lady for her behaviour.

  • As a matter of interest here in the States you can get a flu shot almost anywhere. At the drug store, grocery store, where ever you work, probably at the car wash if you ask. Because of health problems I always go to my Doctors office. Three things that happen with every Doctors appointment is they take your temp, your blood pressure, and your pulse. It's to see if you've had any changes in your numbers which could indicate infection or illness. Afib is just one reason for checking and I imagine it's hard to catch it by that method. I had my flu shot while in for my ablation with no problems.It will be a month tomorrow and I'm finally starting to feel better. Pam

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