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Dental Implants and bleeding afterwards

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I wonder if anyone else has had problems with dental implants? I checked with my GP beforehand as I am taking Riveraxoban, and stopped taking it 2 days beforehand. However, I bled so badly afterwards, had to call an ambulance. By the time I got to hospital it had stopped, but I had lost an awful lot of blood, although it didn't show up in the blood tests, by the following week it was only 97 and I was again in hospital because of dizziness etc, and my ecg showed some blockages. That was about two months ago, and i am fine now, but have to have two teeth out in 3 weeks time, as well as having the new teeth fitted, to the upper jaw. I am apprehensive of course, and don't know how long I should stop taking the Riveraxoban for this time? I wonder if anyone else has had this problem.

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I had a canine tooth (long root) taken out with no bleeding at all- just stopped Apixaban morning dose. Dentist should take their time and gradually loosen the bits holding the teeth in

I had 2 implants done while on warfarin. The dentist was happy to do them as long as INR was under 4. I am now on Apixaban and my dentist says he treats me as if I had an iNR of 2.5 even though apixaban works on a different clotting factor. However , you clearly had a problem with bleeding. Maybe you should be treated at the hospital where they are set up to cope with any big bleeds. Perhaps you should ask the dentist. Good luck. X

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Thanks, I am seeing him next Tuesday, my doctor says to tell him that there are new guidelines out for Riveroxaban now. I shall stop taking them for 3/4 days before I think.

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