Arrived in Portugal, all was ok on flight but still in AF and now worrying about long intervals between heart beats

Thanks everyone for replies bit of a difficult journey as my husband had to carry my small suitcase as well as his own up loads of stairs. I am still in AF but slowed down a lot, must be the Bisoprolol but I am getting long intervals between beats, is that anything to worry about? Just hoping after a sleep it will improve tomorrow, Heather

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  • can you check your pulse and see what the rate per minute is? if it's too low then go to local A and E or ring your GP surgery in UK for advice

  • Hello Heather....are you any better this morning ? Rosy s advice seems pretty sound.


  • Hi Heather, The long intervals could be ectopic beats, which are actually premature beats after which you get a pause before the next beat. The pause can sometimes feel longer than it actually is. If they are ectopics then they are not necessarily harmful, but obviously that cant be diagnosed on this forum, so if you are concerned then best to get checked out.

  • Hope things are improved after a good nights sleep and you can enjoy your holiday in peace. I agree with bob56 makes sense.

  • Glad to hear you arrived safely. Don't worry about your husband's extra exercise, it will do him good. :-) I would expect a long relaxing holiday now is just what the doctor would order, and you too will get over it. As BobD says, AF won't kill you, so stop worrying about your heart for a while, and enjoy your holiday.

  • Oh Snap!! I flew out to Portugal on Sunday accompanied by the after effects of a flu virus and an AF episode as well as my husband!! Half way through the flight, when we diverted to Spain to land another passenger with suspected heart attack, I thought things could have been much worse and stopped worrying about it. And also fortunate hubby was here to carry the bags when - eventually and still in AF - we arrived. Since then the sun, sea and relaxation have done their work and there have been no further AF episodes apart from some ectopics on the first day. I am sure it will all settle down after a good sleep and some down time in the sunshine - just take it easy for first couple of days. You have done the sensible thing by getting yourself insured with all conditions declared - so just sit back, relax and let everyone else do the running around! Take care and enjoy Portugal. Liz

  • Thanks again for replies and surprise surprise I went out of AF mid morning, the second longest episode I have ever had. It was really funny the way it happened, I felt really faint and lay down on the bed thinking I need to go to the hospital in Alvor, 5 minutes later it had gone and I felt such a difference. Now I will try and enjoy my holiday, really appreciate help again, Heather

  • Hi Heather it is very common to get a compensatory pause prior to going back into NSR. Not that I am trying to offer medical advice as I am not qualified but what you describe sounds like what I have often experienced. Glad your episode is over and have a fantastic holiday :)

  • That's good to hear. Now have a lovely relaxing time and enjoy your holiday.

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