Has anyone experienced breathlessness post ablation and minus medication?

I started being breathless when in started taking Bisoprolol so of course attributed it to that. My EP has now taken me off all my medication but said that if I continued being breathless I wily require a further heart scan. This was 3 weeks ago and I remain breathless. I had a scan shortly before my ablation and all was good other than slight leakage on two valves. Can the ablation cause any narrowing of the valves given where they make the scarring? My plan is to go get checked for asthma and if that is ruled out then go bsck for a scan. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Yes I have.

    You have unexplained breathlessness and you do need a range of tests to investigate the cause (hopefully rule things out is the way I prefer to look at investigations).

    Take your concerns to your medics, there is a such a range of causes it would be unwise to speculate further.

    Take care.


  • You may need bloods checked for anaemia as well respiratory and cardiac investigations. Maybe a trial of asthma medication

  • Thank you, I hadn't thought of blood tests. I guess it is trial and error though .

  • So sorry you are experiencing being short of breath. My husband had more difficulty taking deep breaths after an ablation and was constantly having shortness of breath. At first we thought it was due to his afib and medication as he was still going in and out of afib. But finally we saw his primary care doctor and he took an X-ray. He has phrenic nerve injury that paralyzed diaphragm and makes it difficult to breathe normally. Ask them about this injury - affects up to 11% of those who Get an ablation (usually cryo kind).

    Sorry you have this issue! Definitely check it out and be your own advocate!! The physician at first told us he didn't think it was anything and gave my husband an inhaler, but went ahead and took a chest X-ray and found out we were right for asking. By the way, nothing they can do for it typically except wait for it to heal which is usually 3-12 months. The nerve typically regenerates itself.

  • Thank you so much for your reply , I will certainly take your advice and ask for an x ray. I hope things have improved for your husband :-)

  • Hi, I had breathlessness post ablation, which I did nothing about for a few weeks until it became a little unbearable, and so I went to GP. He recommended a chest X-ray, where they found I had picked up bronchitis somehow. He started me on an anti biotic and four days later and I am feeling much improved. Best to see doctor as it may be something similar, best wishes

  • Thank you .... you are right, ignoring it is not the answer I think I've been just hoping it would go away .

  • Hi. I wonder how you are now? And if you have had the x-ray? It might be wise to have one. I had my second ablation 5 weeks ago and had to stay longer in hospital because of blood pressure problems after the anaesthetic. I also had a slight fever and had a chest x-ray and They discovered I had slight pleural effusion (water round the lungs). It can make you breathless. You can get this as a result of your heart not pumping properly, or intubation for the anaesthetic or from just iying around in hospital. Anyway I had antibiotics and felt better but am more breathless than after the first ablation and am waiting for result of a second x-ray to see if the problem has cleared. Apparently it can just clear on it's own or if not it can be drained. Worth checking out.

  • Hi, I am currently doing a firstnight if a peak flow test to see how my breathing is and I am having another echocardiogram. They will consider an x ray. I do hope your second ablation is successful, let me know how you get on x

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