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I love Spain

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Today I accidentally ran out of my anti-coagulant as I obviously missed calculated how many I needed when packing. Non problem - ring the GP I registered with in Spain, script waiting for me by the time I arrive to pick it up - about 90 mins later - take to Farmacia - who have it waiting - pay 30E and I have a weeks supply. All achieved within 2 hours and NO waiting.

In the U.K. It has taken me up to 10 days to fulfill a refill!

I love the Spanish no nonesense approach!

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That does sound good. Viva Espana!

However, in defence of the UK, when I realised the day before I was due to travel (at short notice) that I would run out of my regular medication whilst I was away my lovely pharmacist gave me a week's supply to tide me over. He did deduct that from the next prescription, but it took no more than 10 mins to sort my problem and, of course, it was free. :-)

I have said on here several times that my pharmacist is my 'new best friend'. He can answer any question about medications (side effects, possible conflict with other meds. etc etc), I can have a chat without making an appointment, he knows about possible alternative meds. I could ask the GP about. I think it's well worth getting to know your local pharmacist!

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What happened to mañana?

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I know - it was so easy and I guess I had anticipated it being difficult. xx

France is good too, a friend recently chose to go there for a hip replacement he was told he needed. They looked at it and said it's not your hip it's your back!

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CDreamer in reply to secondtry

I know we like to think the NHS is the best in the world, and maybe at one time it was - and now the rest of the world seem to have overtaken us.

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Mike11 in reply to CDreamer

I don't think the NHS was ever the best in the world. It's just the only one that's truly free at the point of use. But it does create anomolies like our consultants having to tout for private work to get their salaries up to even a fraction of what they could earn abroad. The whole thing needs a rethink I'm afraid.

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CDreamer in reply to Mike11

Not just the Consultants! My sister is ICU sister at a very busy Manchester Hospital and has just about had enough with the cap on salaries. My neighbour is a specialist surgical nurse - having to cover for the 9 unfulfilled vacancies on a medical ward. Unable to recruit new staff and people leaving in droves.

I am truly in awe of your guts. With the nasty health episodes you go through, very scary ones at that, I am amazed how determined you are and still go to Spain as often as possible.

I really wish I had your strong mindset I take my hat off to you. Enjoy beautiful Spain it's one of my favourite countries. Sounds like you have the healthcare system there Sussed too.

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CDreamer in reply to meadfoot

It really does not worry me so I don't think it is gutsy at all, gutsy is when you feel the fear and do it anyway!

The weather has been lovely 22C - 28C every day, mostly sunshine and relatively quiet. I have everything I need here - shops at one end of the street and a beach at the other, a pool beneath the terrace and peace & tranquilty, so relaxing the only bother is I sometimes get bored. The only hassle is getting here and back but my husband now insists I take airport assistance saying he won't travel with me unless I do - so that makes even airports pretty Stressless!

We have had this apartment for over 15 years and lived here for nearly a year so it really is home away from home.

But you know me - ever the traveller and we very sadly decided to put the apartment on the market so that we can do more travelling, whilst we both can!

Hope you are well? Love xx

I have exactly the same experience when needing medical treatment in Spain - truly can't fault it! And you may well have been able to pick up your anti-coagulant over the counter. I picked up more Amlodipine without prescription when I finished mine, I just showed the pharmacy the packet.

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Much to my horror and inducing much head shaking by hubby, I was on Greek island realised only one week supply of Flecainide and same of pradaxa!!!! The pharmacy ordered it for me came on the ferry next day. I had to buy months supply €90 euro but worth it. I'd ordered enough at home but packed one week whilst waiting for script to pack second week and forgot

This is encouraging. We returned from Girona this morning, we've been house hunting with a view to becoming permanent residents. I've been wondering what the health care is like, I don't think I'll be eligible for their free health service, but apparently Spanish private health care is a lot cheaper than in the UK.

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CDreamer in reply to WendyWu20

It is. We registered with a private GP service for 80E per year. I could see a Dr at any time, included house calls and emergency ambulance. I think the rules for health care will change but at the moment once you register with the local Junta and Town Hall you get similar rights to Spanish citizens. Drugs are not free and there are some hospital charges etc but the service is absolutely excellent.

And good AF services in some parts of Spain.

Best wishes.

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WendyWu20 in reply to CDreamer

Thanks. Is the private GP service part of an overall private healthcare service, or something separate? And could you recommend any particular Spanish healthcare company?

Sorry to be a pest, but it is so helpful to find someone who already knows what to do! :o)

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CDreamer in reply to WendyWu20

We use Helicopteros Saniteros


They cover the Costa del Sol but they were expanding into other parts of Spain?

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