I love flecainide!

So this weekend I Hav a major af attack and had another trip to A&E

My meds were changed there yet again but this time I feel amazing for the first time in a long time because of the change and I'm so happy

THey changed me from sotalol to flecainide and bisoprolol. I love flecainide!!!!!!

There is now a 'silence' in my chest that hasn't been there in decades. I also feel awake and energised , I've not felt like that for a long long time either

I was always tired but Id never put it down to my heart problems so I'd been trying iron tablets/vitamins etc in a desperate search for my lost energy. Turns out it was my heart problems causing it though

It goes to show how much heart problems effected you day to day even when it's not major episodes

I've skipped my way through the last 2 days on cloud 9 feeling like a new woman

Hope it stays like that until my operation in a few months.....

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  • Great news!

    Sounds like sotalol wasn't right for you.

    Good luck.


  • Great I take my Bisoprolol at night lessens my tiredness

  • I hope they can change my meds, hate Sotalol, so tired. I take 120 mg 2 x day. glad to hear they can change.

  • Get it changed , u won't regret it! Honestly best thing that's happened to me in ages. I just accepted my day to day rubbish feeling before this new drug as i didn't know any better. Wish id changed ages ago now

  • Yes, I love Flecainide too, best pill I've ever taken and one that really works. It took a little while to get used too it though as I thought it made my eyes a little blurry and I felt odd for the first few days. Thank goodness I didn't give up on it.


  • It's so good isn't it!

  • I assume that you are taking flecainide twice daily now. After your ablation you are likely to stop it gradually. Do discuss its use as a pill-in-the-pocket with your EP. Knowing that you have the means to stop an episode gives you tremendous confidence.

  • When I had my first big af attack September 2016, I was put on a beta blocker ( bisoprolol ) made me feel awful, one month later my heart took off again! Got told to continue with the beta blocker, resting heart rate went down to 40 bpm felt like death warmed up! Went back to hospital then was prescribed flecainide (October 2016) where I stayed in sinus until march when I had my ablation! Post ablation my heart has fired in perfect time except a couple of tiny blips! Waiting to hear back on a 24hr tape, hopefully get off of meds for good . Flecainide worked for me .

  • Great isn't it. I went from being in a terrible state to normal because of my EP finding the right drug for me. I dread to think what would have happened if there hadn't been one 😫.

  • I felt just like you when I was prescribed flecainide last September, no af since, just occasional flutter for a few seconds, so pleased for you

  • Yep Flecainide works very well for me too

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