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Afib brought on by steed

In 2013 , after going through a major stress period in my life I developed afib, had a 3cm blood clot in left ventricle and my ejection fraction rate was only 29%.and my heart was stretched and oversized ,

Fast forward 4 years . Blood clot gone, heart normal size and e/fraction now within normal range .

Today after 3 cardio versions and 3 different heart specialists I'm on almost all my original MEDS , plus one called - TAMBOCOR 100. this seemed to settle the afib after a few episodes where my heart went into afib but then came out by itself , however while I haven't had any afib for about 8 months , I seem to have developed periodic eptopic beats.

Has anyone else had this happen to them , mostly my heart beats normally but frequently the Eptopic beats seem to come and go semi regularly .

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Yes, many people have ectopic beats and find them quite difficult to deal with as they can be as symptomatic as AF.

Have your h tried the slow breathing technique advised by Dr Gupta? Search 'Ectopics Gupta' in the search at top right of page for complete list of his videos. He is an EP at York Cardiology, posts regularly on this forum and suffers from AF & Ectopics himself.



I wasn't aware that Dr. Gupta "posts regularly on this forum", nor that he "suffers from AF & Ectopics himself."

So .... is it the person who posts his YouTube videos, or someone who contributes to discussion?

I'm not aiming to 'out' Dr Gupta (I appreciate his videos and his clear explanations), but I'm intrigued by your assertion.


He posts under 'Steve' - you can also join his FB page. He clearly states in one of his videos as having AF and ectopics.

Just do a search to see all his posts.


Thank you. I know/knew who posts the videos, but was unaware that that was Dr Gupta's forum name. I don't think that person contributes to discussion here though (and I doubt that he would have the time anyway). I already belong to his FB page


I have only ever seen the occasional reply or comment here so no, he doesn't comment on threads so I think we have a misunderstanding of my phrase 'he posts on here regularly' - by which I meant his videos. Best wishes


OK. Thanks for the clarification.


Tambocor is also known as flecainide and you will find plenty of references to it on the forum, Many of us use it, either on a daily basis (50mgs, 100mgs or 150mgs) twice a day or as a 'pill in the pocket' to stop a bout of AF when it occurs.


Hi Steve :-) another AFer with ectopic beats. I am only aware of them because I check my pulse at times and also feel the odd strange sensation.

The anticoagulant I take is providing an element of protection from blood clots so I ignore any gymnastics my heart indulges in including ectopic beats,they don't bother me. Worry about them might :-)

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