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NSR and low blood pressure post PVI

Just got home from hospital post my (PVI) ablation on Monday. Am feeling well, and have had a nice couple of days recuperation in hospital. The doctors have said NSR both days since the procedure, and it seems I've gained an added bonus as my blood pressure is now low (previously I was on cordilox) so I come home with one less medication as well. Is this quite common and does it stay low? I know it is early days, but am feeling quite positive. I am now going to have a nice spaghetti bolognaise and watch Tinkerbell with my daughter!

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This sounds promising - and I don't recall hearing about a drop in blood pressure after an ablation. What a bonus!

Many people report an increase in heart rate following ablation. This tends to drop back in the weeks or months after. I hope the blood pressure doesn't return to what it was before.

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Well done, please rest rest and rest some more now. Sorry can't help re BP but hope it's an added bonus for you.

Expect some ups and downs in the coming weeks post ablation, your heart has taken a pounding and please don't overextend yourself you have healing to do. Sounds as though you are doing very well, great news. Enjoy.

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