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96 hours later (4 days for the numerically challenged)

Today was the first day I didn't feel better - some chest discomfort, few bits of AF and still very tired. I suppose walking round the garden centre probably didn't help......Still feel far better than I expected, I wouldn't let this put anyone off having an ablation, I'm just looking forward to feeling better each day.

One of the big advantages is that due to a combination of breathlessness and being tired, I just don't want to eat very much. Should help the weight come off! I'll keep you informed how I'm feeling as the days go by

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You were walking around a garden center 4 days post ablation?

Sounds like you did too much too soon.

More relaxing required


True, however I was feeling a bit ropey before the walk, thought it might make me better....

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Bob's rules for recovery. Week One TV remote only. Week Two Make tea. Week three start GENLTY getting back to normal.

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I did sit down a lot!


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