Two month post Ablation for PAF, getting lots of Ectopic Beats

Hi All, I am feeling increasingly worried as I seem to be getting regular bouts of ectopic beats which make me feel pretty lousy. When they happen I get really out of breath and feel really quite anxious, so much so that I simply cannot concentrate on what I am doing. I am a 49 year old man who until recently was really pretty fit. I didn't even know I had PAF until I had a well man check. I am starting to wonder why I bothered having the ablation, as I often feel worse than I did before the Op

I have massively reduced Alcohol intake, and cut out caffeine from my diet.

Anyone else experienced this?

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  • Still very early days post ablation. Be patient please. It can take three to six months and often longer for full fitness. Ectopics are a good sign. Search ectopics breathing exercise and DO THEM. They help as will stopping all alcohol at least for the next six months.

  • Thank you for the advice Bob. I have to say it has started to really worry me a lot. I will look for the exercises, and knock all alcohol on the head

  • We have all been there . It is easy to say relax AF won't kill you but we do get over sensitive to these things and start panicking don't we. Life is good. Live it but for now a little gently.

  • I have had exactly the same, loads and loads of ectopics but very very few episodes of AF post ablation, which I had on the 6th July,. I went to heart clinic and mentioned it and was told that they wouldn't be worried if I had 2,000 plus ectopics a day and it is absolutely nothing to worry about.

    I am 52, I am not having any alcohol or caffeine. The advice put my mind at rest; I am shattered a lot of the time and am looking forward to seeing my EP in a couple of weeks, but I am not worried about my ectopics at all. Hope that Bob says it takes 6 months to fully recover so it is early days.

    Hope you feel back to yourself soon.

  • Thank you paper. That has certainly helped.

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