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Back in AF :( ... a few garbled thoughts

No sooner than I had convinced myself yesterday that my recent AF attacks were probably panic attacks, at 9pm last night I went back into AF and at 8am this morning as I write this, I remain there. Last time I was in constant AF was 3 weeks ago. Every run-in with AF I have had has been "moderate" exercise induced. I can't identify a single other trigger. Perhaps I should have followed advice and completely laid off the exercise, but would that lead me to full recovery? Everything I have read states that AF is a chronic disease.... a ticking time bomb. So, am I silly to grab a bit of exercise whilst I am in NSR? Would changing to a sedentary existence not be the worst compensation illness of all?

I only have two objectives : 1, staying alive, and 2, being happy (which means being able to exercise)

I am finding life difficult not being able to exercise as I please. It is already affecting my quality of life, and soon it will start affecting my mental health. Endorphins are my drug addiction; they have been for years, and I don't know any other method of getting them than exercise.

After a long wait, I am finally seeing a cardiologist on Thursday, and hoping he can help me find a path through this disease. It'll be a huge blow if he doesn't show any interest in my recuperation. I have no idea what to expect really. I'm guessing a cardiologist in Gateshead probably hasn't seen too many 37 yo endurance athletes with AF :(

Enough rambling for now. Thanks for reading.

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Endurance athletes are prime candidates for AF as in fact are fighter pilots . (fighting G force puts a high load on the heart) .Exercise is good for one but not to extremes for which our bodies were not designed.

You have already answered your own question really and of course AF being a chronic condition is almost always progressive so maybe you do have some life choices to make.

Ablation may well stop the AF for now but it seems highly likely that this may be temporary if life style changes are not made. How long and how good recovery may be is hard to say of course.

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