Prednisone and afib

Good Afternoon All! I write for my mother who is 91 yrs old with afib. She recently hurt her back and was having a difficult time walking so the doctor put her on a muscle relaxer and prednisone. She has been on them for 4 days now - tritating down each day for a week. She says that since she has been taking the medication, she has NOT had any afib. She will usually have an episode every day now (after having had afib for over 25 yrs). While I know that prednisone is not a cure-all for afib, could it be that the prednisone could have relieved some inflammation she has, thus minimizing the afib she is used to? Iam wondering if she will ask the doctor who prescribed the prednisone for a maintenance dose. - I know how she thinks! Lol. Has anyone else had a good experience with a steroid and their afib?

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  • I was on Prednisone for a year after Dronedarone and Amiodarone caused a rare life-threatening lung condition. I don't recall having AF during that time but I wasn't doing cardiovascular work. Prednisone causes the body to shut down it's own production of a similar substance, and so you have to be weened off Prenisolone very gradually. I was on Prenisolone for so long as I had a relapse whenever the dose reduced to 5 mg.

  • I started taking Prednisolone (similar to Prednisone I think) on and off in 1969 for very bad asthma attacks. In 1989 I was put on a maintenance dose of 10mg a day. i was diagnosed with AFib in 2014 when I was in hospital for appendicitis.

  • I have been taking a high dose of it and seemed to make my AF worse :(

  • Well - My mother completed the course of prednisone today and her back pain is back. Not sure about her afib yet, but we see the doctor for further direction on where to go from here. Thank you all for your responses.

  • We saw her doctor today. She will go on another round of prednisone and muscle relaxers twice a day as needed. She will also have a physical therapist come to the house to work with her and give her some safe exercises. She will see the doctor again in a few weeks and if she is still in pain, she will see a pain management doctor. No complaints of afib yet. We will see.....

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