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Update - on EP request

Update - i am awaiting a call back today from my gp as i have asked to be referred urgently to an EP.

I have really noticed over the last 2 days im having long episodes in the morning and in the evening. Racing heart, niggly chest pain, ive had a thumping beat in my right ear on Monday night it wasnt the normal whoosing sound and beat it was a thump beat. What is this?

Ive noticed im getting breathless and tight chest too and feel light headed and tired.

I sure hope this does not get worse as im going on honeymoon in Mexico in October for 2 weeks!!

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I see your post is from much earlier today and I hope by now you've had a callback from your doctor and have got movement towards an EP consultation. I hope that you reported those symptoms - chest pain is not something to ignore. If the pain and lightheadedness persist, it might be best to ring the non-emergency number in your area for advice.

Thumping in the ear is annoying - sometimes I can make it less noticeable by changing position or by using another pillow.

I do hope you are feeling a bit better and that you can get that referral asap. Troublesome AF symptoms are not something to take on honeymoon!

Best wishes


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