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Hi, New & first time here, concerned about my Husband, who has recently been diagnosed with AF, approx 2 weeks and 3 days ago, and he's STILL in AF , he has not flipped out of it, after all this time. The hospital and doctors don't seem to share any concern or to see the urgency to get him sorted. Have had 2 trips to A and E and he's been sent home each time, ECG show a rate of between 91 and 160. GP said they will do a referral to an AF clinic but there is a wait for the appointment.

Neither of us want him to have a Stroke and reading on BHS website, he is at risk of one.

He has been given Bisoprolol 5mg but these are having no effect, the GP know this and just says he is on the right medication.

Don't know which way to turn, and due to go on holiday in 27 days.

Thanks in advance


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Hello Poppet :-) welcome. How old is your husband, has he been directed to the CHADSVAS scoring system to calculate stroke risk...



Hi, Thanks for your reply, he hasn't been directed anywhere,other than a referral being done for AF Clinic, he hasn't even been seen by a Cardiologist, it was A & E thats diagnosed him, and he is 46.

What is CHADVAS?



CHADSVASC is a scoring system to assess stroke risk Angie. It takes into consideration age , general cardiac health and other parameters and works out if you should be anticoagulated. At his age unless she has had heart problems before or has diabetes or excessive blood pressure his risk is minimal.

Go to AF Association and read all the fact sheets and I am sure this will calm you down. AF is not an emergency problem it is a chronic condition unless he has chest pain of passes out.

The doctors are right in their lack of concern as many people have permanent AF and live quite satisfactory lives. There is an old saying that AF won't kill you but it might feel like it sometimes. It is life changing and sometimes for the better when life style changes are made.



Hello Angie and welcome to the forum.

I'm surprised that A&E sent your husband home with a rate of 160...maybe it settled at something lower . Anyhow you are obviously concerned and rightly so.

In your position I would contact your GP again and voice your concerns regarding stroke and the possible need for anticoagulation. Be firm about this. Do not be fobbed off.

Regarding your proposedholiday....i would mention insurance here if you are going abroad. You must declare your attendance at A&E and the AF and that you are awaiting an appt. You may not like the outcome but you must be properly insured.

Let us know how you get on




Thank You for all your replies. I will keep posting updates as I get them.


To alleviate your concerns about stroke risk, I think you should have a look at the video on the subject done by Dr Gupta here:


Yes, there is a risk, but it's not like it is inevitable.


Great Video and also the CHADVAS information, Thank You guys. I am so glad I joined this group 👍


Hi Angie ,I know we are all different but to have a heart rate of 160 and trying to live with it must be horrendous ,what part of the country you live in I do not know ,myself live in Dorset ,before my Ablation my H/R reached 130 was detained in A/E until it was downto 100 now with medication it reads 65 B/m .i wish you luck with your forth coming holiday but he should be sorted before that .


Finally have a date to see the Cardiologist at the AF Clinic.....11th September, 2 days before we go away on holiday....fingers crossed he will be ok to fly, he is still in AF but it seems to have calmed down slightly, either that or he is learning to live with the episodes.

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