Blanking period

How long is the blanking period after Ablation. had 2 cardiovertions never worked for long, Had Ablation 6 months ago worked for a month then gone in to Tacacardia with some Eptopics and bit of A F, feel better after Ablation but desperate to get off Amiodarone as been on it 18 months, But asked my my E P with i can come off the Amiodarone and he said no your still in the blanking period. got thyroid trouble but E P knows that. not sure what to do.

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  • I was always told three to six months. Tachycardia and ectopics are quite normal post ablation but NOT AF.

  • See if you can get your med changed. Depending on how bad you are with afib maybe the ablation helped but I would say at this point it was not a complete success.

  • I looked back at what my EP said seven months after my ablation and he was hoping for further improvement.

  • No definite time. Some say 3 months other 6, and others even longer

  • Had my ablation 3months ago had my check up at barts last week ,told it was a success ,they told me 3 months would tell if it worked are not best of luck

  • Only just starting to think my ablation has worked it will be a year in sept not had af since March but lots of ectopics

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