3 months pose Alabaltion

In the last month my AF episodes have increased to the point where I am getting them every two to three days now, some stop themselves some I have to take a PIP to slow them down. Yesterday for instance it started at about 4pm cut straight in at 154bpm no warning at all and stayed like that for hours. I finally gave in and took PIP after about three hours but it took another two hours before my heart rate slowed to 70bpm but stayed erratic for another hour. It makes me wonder whether my ablation hasn't worked. I am due for my three month appointment on 16th of this month so I guess I will know one way or the other then. I have purchased a Kardia so do have a record now to show at my three month appointment.

I wondered whether anybody else has had this happen to them post ablation?

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  • I don't think anybody can tell you right now and it may still sort itself out but best get some traces to show your EP when you have your check up. The worst that can happen is a repeat ablation and you know that is not a problem now. I would still leave it another three to six months myself. I went a year between each of mine and even nine months after my last was still having some clumps of ectopics etc .

  • Thanks Bob. I have printed off the ecg's so it will be interesting to see what they say on 16th.

  • I saw my EP in June for a check up. I had an ablation 3 years ago and now have occasional mild AF. I am not a candidate for a 2nd ablation.

    We discussed my use of 100 flecainide as a pip. I commented that I tended to see if the AF would stop by itself. He did not like that idea. He said that if it hadn't stopped within 20 mins to take the pip and if it didn't work then repeat after 3 hrs.

    I had had 3 or 4 episodes in early June ( very stressed due to poor mobility ) but have now had 4 weeks free of it.

    I suspect and hope that you will improve shortly.

    Best wishes.

  • That's interesting what you say about leaving it for no longer than 20 mins when I was first diagnosed they thought it was SVT and I was told not too leave it more than twenty mins but when I was finally told by my cardiologist that it was PAF and I asked her how long I should leave it before I need to do something she said no longer than twenty four hours. If I need to go back on to medication I will ask for flecainide as I was on that before the ablation and tolerated it well. The PIP I'm using at the moment is bisoprolol which doesn't agree with me at all. Thank you for your input it has been very helpful.

  • My guess is a touch up is needed. May settle down more but there is so.e connection still there.

  • Does your EP or arrhythmia nurse have email facility? If you could send them the Kardia ECG's they may be able to 'tell' if you need a touch up. Similar AF events happened with me after ablation 1. The EP saw from my ecg that the AF had returned and was 'aggressive' and he doubted it would settle down. He booked me a second ablation and this saved me several months wait than if I had waited for the clinic appointment to see him. He said if it did settle then they would just cancel the second one.

  • I keep reading posts that suggest contacting Arrhythmia nurse. On being discharged from hospital I wasn't given any phone numbers to ring let alone an arrhythmia nurse all I was given was a copy of my discharge notes. I was just told they'd see me in three months time 😕 As I said I am due for that appointment in 10 days so will put up with it until then.

  • EP's secretary is an alternative, not all hospitals have a nurse, Telephone numbers can be obtained via website or hospital switchboard. As you say 10 days not too long, best wishes with you,

  • It sounds like you are doing the right thing re the Kardia - the consultant will want to see what is happening to see if anything further can be done (another ablation) but also agree with what has been said that it can take some time to settle after ablation and they will know better after a year. AF alas is a complicated business and not quite like having your appendix out - problem solved. Very annoying and frustrating - you are in good company.

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