Ablation 3 month check up

Well I have finally had my three month check up. The first one was cancelled by the hospital, my car broke down on the way to the second one. As the next available NHS appointment would have been mid January, I had to see my specialist privately last night. Good news! The ablation was a great success and I no longer have AF or so I have been told. I no longer need to take any Warfarin as this was only prescribed to get me through the Ablation. I can reduce the Flecainide down to one x 50mg tablet in the mornings and stay on 1 x 50mg Diltiazem until mid January when I can stop taking them both. I have not had any irregular heart beats but have had some palpitations. These I put down to extreme temperatures (hot and cold) and rushing about Christmas shopping! I will stick to internet shopping from now on and no more holidays booked until next year! My specialist asked me if I was pleased that I had the Ablation. A resounding YES from both myself and my husband as it has improved the quality of my life no end. If by any rare chance the AF should reappear I would not hesitate to have another Ablation.

I feel so well now but can remember how poorly I felt for such a long time. If my posts can help anyone who is considering whether to go for an Ablation or not, all I can say is that if your specialist offers this and thinks it will improve your health then go for it. What have you got to lose?

I will always be grateful to the very fine people I have had contact with on this forum, and even if I do not need to post anything in the future, I will be following you all in your AF journeys. Wishing you all Good Health xx

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  • What a lovely uplifting post. So pleased you have had such a great outcome. Life can now begin to be all it should be for you, freedom at last, super.

    Kind regards


  • That's great news. You have certainly encouraged me and I am due to have one in November. Keep well

  • Good news is always welcome.

  • That all sounds really encouraging and optimistic with all sorts of messages - one being that wonderful as the NHS is, you had to make a private appointment. Thus you would not have had this good news until January. And you could have been on flecainide for longer before giving it up. I have to say I feel quite liberated by not having to watch the clock and have an alarm set for 6am like I did when I was on flecainide.

    I would agree with most of your penultimate paragraph, but (as we were reminded recently) although the success rate is high, ablations can leave one worse off. In spite of the risks, like you I personally feel glad I gave it a go and would be in favour of another if it was needed and offered.

  • So pleased to hear your good news hope it continues I have forgotton

    what normal feels like, I hope I have the same result.

    Good luck Shirley

  • Delighted to hear you news and a time for a quiet celebration and a pat on the back...

    My three months check is in just over two weeks time and I had been wondering how will they be able to tell if I am AF free or cured or whatever ...Will this be the lack of the "P" on the ECG forgive my ignorance as I just don't know...

    Well done again and truly inspirational...

    Carol x

  • Thank you for your wonderful post it gives me a lot of hope for the future! Im due to have my 3 month post 1st ablation check tomorrow with my EP to inspect his handiwork will post the outcome when I get the chance......

  • Good luck x

  • Thank you for your positive post. I am 1 week post ablation and feel positive by your experience

  • Question ...... Can Relim296 tell me why they had to set their alarm clock to 6am to take their flecanaide ? Interesting ........

  • For those who don't take flecainide, it's taken twice a day and works best on an empty stomach or an hour before food. I tried taking it at various times and moved to 11am and 11pm for a while, but found that 6am and 6pm worked the best, especially when I started taking warfarin as well. I don't know how important it is not to mix flecainide with food, but I found it made going to weddings difficult.

  • Thanks for 6am info! I didn't know about the empty stomach/ hour before food issue. I'll change my routine!

  • You have to read the small print in the leaflet! I was sent off after an ablation with a few tablets and no instructions!

  • Oh how wonderful, nice to hear something positive, hope you stay well forever. When I have my next appointment with cardiologist in March he is going to discuss ablation with me and I am sitting very firmly on the fence and am very dubious about what side to jump off! I recently had a cardio version and am still getting very weird bumps and runs like it is trying to go back into AF but I have my gloves up and I am fighting it off.

    Good luck


  • I take my flecainide just before or just after eating. When I remember basically. Didn't know about taking it an hour before. Don't seem to have suffered for it.

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