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8 days post ablation

I know there are a lot of posts from people following their ablation procedure but I wanted to include add my 2 cents because I felt that my recovery has gone better than I expected based on the what I had read before hand. Obviously, everyone is different. So I just want to give my experience as a 59 year old male in good health, good weight and who works out 3-4 times a week.

After two days I was back to work. From home, of course, since I still couldn't drive or lift my briefcase. In fact, I have had more energy and been able to focus at a much higher level than I was before the ablation. I have never taken ADHD medication, but I feel like I am on it.

I am not sleeping very well but I am also not as tired as I expected I would be.

I was walking up stairs the day I got home with little discomfort. The only thing I felt (and still feel) is a slight tug and strain in the upper groin where the catheter went in.

Today, 8 days out, I feel strong and am in no pain. I can't wait to be able to work out again.

And, most importantly of course, I have had no (known) ectopic heartbeats.

Again, I know that everyone is different. And I am certainly not taking any credit for my recovery. I just felt that there were not as many positive reports of recovery as negative ones. So I decided to chime in.


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How good to hear a positive report of ablation as most people only seem to comment on negative things. So thank you for for a positive post - I may need one & your post filled me with hope.

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Well done you and yes there are often very good and swift outcomes.

It is sadly not always so especially for those who are not as fit pre-procedure as you and it is fair to say that most of my cautionary comments are to re-assure people that what they are experiencing is quite normal. Older, less active people may take much longer to reach your stage especially if they have general anaesthetic which we know can take a long time to clear from the system. I do also think that going at it too soon can be detrimental as I am sure that my first ablation failure was not helped by my laying down doing some under body checks on a car about a week post procedure. If you are lucky enough to work from home in a non physical way then fine but my nurse once told me first week do nothing and not a lot more for the second and then ease back gently.

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Thanks for your reply Bob. Again, I am not trying to take credit for anything. Or attribute it to anything. Just trying to provide another data point.


So happy you are having an easy time of it. Just remember, you only get one chance to heal perfectly from this ablation, so don't let how well you are feeling push you to overdo in the next weeks! Wishing you NSR forever!


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