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One step forward one step back

I have been doing good. Getting better. I did a little quilting today and walked around the house. However, I had to sit often because of short of breath. I tried to fold laundry because I can sit on my tush to do it. That even made me winded. I also still have pain in my left lung. So I called my doctor and he said when I get time to go to the hospital and get a chest x-ray. I'm up for it. My pain is nearly gone except for this lung thing. But just to be safe I packed a few things to go to the hospital with me. Just in case I get admitted.

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You poor thing... do you also have COPD. Ihave this also from being very Bronchial all my life. Let's hope the can find out what is going on.

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No I never had COPD. The emergency room doctor things is just a bit of inflammation to the lung from my chest tube. They have run every test they could think of and it's all come back negative. I'm only waiting on the CAT scan results. They want to rule out blood clots and things like that.

I send many prayers your way.


Keep us posted.


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