Two steps forward one step back!!!!!

Grrrrr, been a bit wobbly the last couple of weeks, light headed and then getting to the point where I almost, but not quite, pass out, mentioned it at the warfarin clinic this morning and whooops - straight in with the doctor, flecinide increased and told NO DRIVING until it's sorted. So here we go again. I know it's the right thing, but I do miss my independence !!!!

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  • You poor thing, really feel for you! Hope you are soon well again.


  • So sorry. Fingers crossed for you. X

  • Jean, Thank you, on the whole I'm fine, just frustrated more than anything. When I was first diagnosed they stopped me driving, then three months ago they said I could and now I can't again!!!!!!!!!! My husband is as good as gold, and will take me where ever I want to go, it's just the being independent thing. Cass

  • Hang on in there mammacass things will get better i know its a long journey but be patient and good luck

  • I agree with that last comment. AF is a long journey but we are all here to support.


  • Thank you all for your support, I know it's a long journey, but it's soooo frustrating

  • This is what scares me so much, losing my independence, MammaCass (ace name, btw......I'm a big fan) So far (18 years) I have kept up a reasonably normal life, doing mostly what I like.....but like you I do get dizzy when in af, and that scares me. There is always the nagging feeling that it could happen when I'm driving. What if?? I would hate not being able to drive. I hope you're sorted very quickly! JanR

  • Have you gone down the ablation route Jan? Mine is suppose to be late spring.... So any time from now till May/June !!!! I sooooo want to get it done, get off the bisolop and flec and get on with my life. I still play bowls, still practice Tai Chai, still take walks along the prom ( one and a half miles each way), drive to friends for coffee, until now, but in the back of my head is that little voice telling me to take care...don't over do it, watch out for your triggers. I just want to live a normal active, do what I want when I want life. Patience has never been my strong suite!!!!!

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