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What Are Ecoptics?


What are Ecoptics?

I have Afib, but seems to be under control with Flecaniade. However, I have this "flutering" sesation most of the time. I do not wake up with it but it developes soon after. I have not had an Afib episode for quite some time. My Fleconiade was doubled to 200 mg a day and the Afib stopped but I have this constant irregular feeling. Is this ecoptics that everyone talks about? Also I should note that it seems to start soon after I take my medication. I tried an experiment this morning, and it did not begin until I took the Fleconiade a couple hours later that normal. Is it possible the medicaytion is causing this?

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Check it out again with your EP. If you are not being cared for by an EP you should be.

Ectopic beats are missed and/or additional beats.

I am in Atrial Tachycardia but when I was in AF I had a lot of ectopics I think that they are more noticeable when you heart beats slower.


Morning Pete, I wouldn't say that 2 x 100mg of Flec daily was high. Lots of us on here take that amount.


Morning Jean

You are right!!

Sorry I misread it as 200mg x 2 per day.

In fact I am on 150mg x 2 each day.

Thanks for correcting me shows how careful I must be in future.


I have edited my reply

higgy52 in reply to pottypete1

Hello pottypete 1

How long have you been in Tachycardia pete, and have you had an ablation


pottypete1 in reply to higgy52

I had PAF for 26 years.

I have had 5 ablations for AF and one for Atrial Flutter over the past 10 years.

I had the last ablation for AF in March. A few weeks later my heart slipped into what I now know to be Atrial Tachycardia. I have now been in Atrial Tachycardia for about 3 months. It is not pleasant!

I have an ablation for the Tachycardia planned for 4 weeks time. My EP has told me that I have a good chance of this procedure being successful. 🙏

During most of the years in PAF I have been taking Flecainide and Bisoprolol although recently the Bisoprolol was stopped due to the fact that my conductivity is not so good now. I think that is why I have had Ectopics regularly in recent years.

I am not typical as circa 80% of AF ablations are successful first time and of course ablation was not an option when I first started having AF all those years ago.


My ectopics run through the day, feeling like a kick of a donkey, but more so when at rest. The EP says the usual ' they're harm, and everyone gets them'. They're the worse effect of my AF. Funnily although I was having them before my ablation, I seem to get them worse now.

daveeb in reply to daveeb

Whoops, should've read 'harmless ' sorry!.

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