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Yep today feels like a monday

I got out of bed this morning hand walked around the house some. I'm just realized how weak I am hand came back to bed. My left side was of no help by reminding me that I hurt hand gravity is not my friend. This morning I plan the take my meds hand the do a bit of quilting and sleeping. If I'm super lucky my house fairy will get off her tush and at least vacuum. My husband has worked so hard cleaning that I let him lay in the bed all day yesterday. Of course I laid right beside him. I d hope he has a fairly calm day at worked today and He doesn't come home too tired.

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Sadly, the more we 'rest' eg in bed, the weaker we become. I have been reading about the importance of regular movement - try aiming to move round the house at least once an hour, and maybe 'put something away' or similar while you are at it. That apparently helps us not to get weaker still!!!! ( I know - easier said than done!)

Enjoy the quilting - what are you making?

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