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First day home


Yesterday wasn't too bad. I stayed in bed so I could rest. Hubby was a big help to me when I needed it. The first night was a little rough. The pain woke me a few times. My anxiety still gets high at times. Almost like a flash back moment. I also did not like to have visitors right now. That got my anxiety really high. The good news is I didn't feel my heart losing its mind or being bother some in any way.

This morning ,however, I woke up in some serious pain. The nerve that was severed had me nearly in tears. I had to find a heating pad to place on it. It has helped but it is still painful. But I want to go back to sleep now and the pain is much more tolerable.

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Gosh you are having a tough time. I understand the anxiety completely it's so scary to go through all of this. I too found visitors a bit much when I don't feel up to it. It's very kind of people but sometimes a text or two is better in the early days post ablation rather than a full scale visit.

Rest up and don't hesitate to speak with your doctor if in pain or any doubt.

I agree. I'm on Facebook and people closest have my number. A call or a message is much better. But its getting easier to deal with. Now I just hope the nerve I had surgically cut heals quickly because the pain is a bit unbearable today. Definitely not a day for visitors for me.

let's all hope you progressively improve and get a chance to catch up on all that lost shu eye!!! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!

Ah, yes, sleep how much I miss Thee. Lol as I heal the more I will get. I'm just glad that indent have to fight my body to relax anymore. That's comes easily now and my hear do eat fight me either. Even calling asleep isn't hard to do. Just the pain that picks at me now. Lol

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