Heart Scarring

I was told (after an ablation for AF and an ablation for Aflutter) that I would most likely get some form of AF back because of extensive scarring of my heart from the ablations. Has anyone ever been told this. I was pretty down after I heard this, but have to say that, five months after last ablation, I feel pretty darn good. I am trying to stay positive, enjoy life and take care of my health. I guess that's all we can do

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  • Yes, once when admitted to hospital with AF and tachycardia I was told by a cardiologist that my heart was probably a bit stiff with the scarring from my ablations and hence my problem. We don't hear much on this site regarding the scarring and any problems it may cause, so I guess they are few and far between.


  • I thought about ablations and having my heart tissue burnt away at the tender age of 50 and asked about it and was told yes it might make the heart stiffer. Then after they had been in for the first it was clear I had extensive scarring already, probably from years of untreated AF and I saw the second in a different light as burning away the damaged tissue. And so I probably had a scarred and stiff heart anyway but at least I've been mostly free of AF and totally free of pauses in heart beat for coming up to 2 years I can live with it.

  • Yes I was told that there is a distinction difference between scarring caused by AF and therapeutic scarring.


  • Yes I have extensive scarring of the left atrium caused by many years of AF.

    If you are feeling "pretty darn good" don't worry and get on with living each day............... and be glad to greet each day.


  • I have non theraputic scarring also. Took a more skilled EP with touchups to finally get to hopefully an end point on improvement.

    May also have had some extra bad scarring from a first try less skilled EP.

    Point is a skilled EP may be able to work around some scarring.

  • Yes I was told this too. I did revert back to AF after all 3 ablations but told I was a difficult case. Please don't worry about what might happen as it might not and probably won't. Enjoy your AF free life.


  • Hello

    Just had my first (hopefully, only!) ablation. I had AF again the following day and the next day but to a lesser degree. Hoping this all goes away after the scarring forms (in a week).

    Taking it easy - still on bisoprolol and rivaroxaban.


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