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I had an ablation in August of 2015 and have to say I'm glad I did. I have reviwed many posts here, positive and not so, but I wonder if the doctors you choose could have something to do with success rate. I had my ablation and it WORKED, was done at Mayo Clinic and I felt very confident in my doctor. I do not have to take any meds and have been Afib free well over a year now.

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  • The skill of the EP may have some bearing on results Cindy but the problem is that we are all different with totally different physiologies sometimes. I had three ablations before my AF was stopped nine years ago but still have some arrhythmias of such a less serious nature as to be no real problem other than irritation. We are the lucky ones either through chance of location (mine done by one of the top men in England ) or just plain good fortune but there are those for whom even the most skilled EP is not enough. I also agree that positive attitude is most important.

  • I too had an ablation last September, after a couple weeks I was back to normal, and life is good. My EP did a thoroughly good job. He did come highly recommended by my GP, who was very supportive, we just got on with it. I believe in a positive attitude, I never mithered over my AF attacks, I tried to get on with life, I hardly think about it now, it's wonderful. I remain on beta blockers and Apixaban, if nothing else I have peace of mind and a steady heart beat. Compared to episodes of AF that's good enough for me. I hope it remains that way 😊

  • Cindy, are you not on an anticoagulant?

  • Cindy, I am in your camp also. 6 months post ablation and AF free and no meds. I believe the procedure is a combination of art and science from the EP's experience. Mine gave me an 85% one time success probability. I like to see happy endings. . . :^)

  • My first EP was way over matched by my afib. Worse he made me think he did a good job and high doses of meds after was normal. Wish I had known better at the time and moved on quickly. The EP can make of break a lot of the time.

  • I am not on any anticoagulants, I was told I was not a risk for a stroke, age, health, I exercise and very active. So only 3 months on an anitgoagulant right after my ablation, now NO meds.

  • Hi Cindy I am glad to see your post with a positive response 👌🏼just what I needed today as my date for my ablation has just came through my door this afternoon. Mine will happen on the 6 July. I am petrified as I only have had one episode of AFib last November, but got told they wanted to ablate before it came back again . My EP said that they like to get it early rather than later . I am so frightened but also hope it works as I was told there is a higher chance of getting rid of AFib as I said before before it goes from PAF to permanent AFib . My understanding is that it can get worse as we age . I am 44 at the moment. But my nerves are truly gone now 😢

  • Sam, It only gets worse with time, not better. The X factor is you have nothing to use to figure what your timeline is. Why I had mine.

  • My ablation 9 months ago, unbelievable no problems. On the first consultation after the procedure the EP was surprised that I had no problems immediately after my op, I thought he was joking when he asked me what I thought helped in the healing process, I did say, the lifestyle and dietary changes, plus the genes I was born with and then of course I put him into the equation, but he was genuinely surprised a woman of my age 77 was up and about a few days after. I am going on a cruise in August while I am feeling a lot healthier than I have been before, lets hope it stays that way.

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