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Af struggle

I have been on the rollercoaster ride of afib since 2004. I was at work and went into cardiac arrest. It took four people doing CPR for 28 minutes to revive me. Since then I have gone through 5 defibrillators and four ablations. I did have seven years when I it was controlled really well with Rythmol. That is until three months ago when I had a spell of vfib. A week later I had afib. A few weeks later I had a routine ablation to isolate the pulmonary arteries. Since then I had no energy and was very weak. Tuesday my heart rate slowly climed up from 103 that morning to 120. I went to one hospital that couldn't help me. I finally went to another who did their best but ended up putting me in ICU. Wednesday I had an av node ablation. I feel some what better. I have more energy but get winded quickly. I'm paced at 90 for now. I can feel the afib because it's so strong. I am curious of what I can expect as far as symptoms go with this. I do suffer panic attacks from time to time since I have been shocked nearly 30 times since 2004. I sure could use a confidant to help me through this. Thank you for listening.

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Oh good grief Ruby! That sounds terrible. I'm afraid I can't offer any advice on how this will go for you, as it is way beyond my experience. I do know, from reading all the posts on here, that anxiety is one of the major problems arising from AFib and it certainly hit me hard when it happened to me.

My solution is to read everything I can to learn about what is going on, and what the different procedures and drugs do and are for. Knowledge is power, and fear grows into the vacuum that lies between.


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