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Adverse interactions of herbal supplements and (heart) prescription drugs (Mayo Clinic)

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This article may be of some interest. Although playing its own harp, the clinic does have a good reputation. The link is pasted below

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I think it is well researched and known that these medications may increase the efficacy of Wafarin - in particular and therefore increase bleed risk.

Personally I find that checking any or all supplements or herbal preparations are best checked for interactions with your pharmacist - they tend to be much more knowledgeable.

Good reminder for newbies!

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What we have been saying here for years. Always discuss with your medical team.


Ah. I checked with a locum at my practise re garlic and was told it was 'fine'.


I think garlic as a food is fine - it is when you take concentrated form as a supplement that you may get in difficulty.

I use Tumeric, garlic & Ginger = as foods - quite liberally but I doubt the amount of active ingredient in food would be a problem.


Thank you @CDreamer, but I must be getting triple dose - liberal amounts added to food PLUS supplements!


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