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Afib, loss of sleep and herbal


As I have written in past posts that I have perpetual Afib, livable and generally unnoticeable during the day but come bed time it can be hell. Bounces around the head. I have had prescription sleeping drugs like zopiclone but I don't like them so am trying herbal.

I came across Melissa Dream which is not a sleeping pill but 'aids restful sleep'.

I have also tried Valerian.

Has anyone come across, or tried these and would they care to share their thoughts.

The lack of sleep really is beginning to tell and I am interested in how others deal with this problem.



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Not sleeping well is very annoying and unhelpful. I don't take anything, but I do routinely use a lavender pillow spray and if I fail to get to sleep or back to sleep I drink a night time herbal tea. No caffeine after 10am, nothing stressful in the evening, the usual stuff. I try to be tired when I get into bed, aim not to snooze in front of the TV beforehand, not get too cold or too hot, have a dark room and not have anything distracting in the bedroom. When my husband's not at home, I put the radio on.

seasider18 in reply to Rellim296

If I had lavender on my pillow I would be sneezing all night.

I wonder, do you take a magnesium supplement? When I wasn't sleeping so well, I tried some of the herbal remedies that you can buy in supermarkets, as well as valerian which I bought from my regular vitamins supplier, and none of them worked. It was only when I started to take magnesium every evening before bed time that I started to fall asleep more quickly and stay asleep more easily. As for the constant 'humming' us AF sufferers sometimes get in our heads when trying to sleep, you can buy CDs of sounds that are low-key, calming and won't put a partner off his/sleep. Sounds of the sea are good ie; the constant washing of gentle waves on the shore. This would 'drown' out the noises in the head....sorry for the pun.

Norm in reply to clanmags

I do use a lavender pillow spray, also darkened room , eye shades.

Re magnesium the Melissa Dream from New Nordic 100mg of magnesium in each tablet. I have not tried magnesium as such though have heard that liquid is good. I also saw about a chap who holds his chest as though he were holding his heart and uses his thumbs to massage the top of heart and talk to it, more like consoling a child, 'there it s OK I'm here, just relax' rtc. and it appears to work and calm the afib down. I also have hot milky drink for bed and try to keep to about the same bed time.

I just wondered if anyone had found any herbals worth the money in helping or any other way to help calm the afib so one can get to sleep and stay asleep.

I'm debating if to see about an oblation.

Thanks for your input


boberch in reply to clanmags

'Constant 'humming'... I dont understand, tinnitus isn't linked to Af. Is It?

dear Norm, I suffered with insomnia before diagnosed with AF but am very much aware AF symptoms are worse when I have a poor nights sleep. I signed up to an online programme called Sleepio. This uses a cognitive behavioural approach to helping improve sleeping patterns. This is not an approach that is right for everyone but I found it worked for me - but I had suffered with insomnia for a very long time!

Melatonin works for some people but it did nothing for me. My GP is team doctor to a rugby team and said that many players take it after long flights for jet lag and to help them sleep.

It is a prescription drug in the UK although not in other countries but is available online. He gave me a prescription for it. It is also a help for men with BPH and reduces night time urine output.

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