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2nd update on the Amiodrone

2nd update on the Amiodrone

We're into week 2, and even with a blip of HR picking up over the weekend resting is about 51 and after mild exertion its 68. Attached is the map of the last week or so "ballpark" heartrates.

Feeling a bit dizzy at times, and still waiting for it to "kick off". The GP advised to stay away from work as long as possible, and is happy to extend fit note.

Stuff that COULD have put the heart rate up hasn't (false alarm at 37 weeks thinking missus going into labour yesterday)

I had my 24 hour tape fitted Monday PM but the tech was worse than useless and it came off (pulled off) at 9am the following morning because I had the missus to sort out and the installation was pants.

On the weekend I'll be down to once a day Amiodrone, hopefully have the 24hour tape reviewed and news of a further referral to Wythenshaw.

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Good luck with heart and baby.


Well if anything is going to set it off - baby will. Sounds good though Jed - hope all goes well.

I guess you live in NW then?


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