One Year since my ablation

I've managed to reach my one year anniversary without any irregular heartbeats (that i'm aware of). I'm so glad I decided to have the ablation op, and while it wasn't a pleasant experience I wouldn't hesitate to do it again. The road to recovery wasn't smooth and i suffered with anxiety and fast heart rates initially but this settled down over time and I am over the moon with the results and my current situation.

I'm back playing squash twice a week (as opposed to 4-5 times before) and out walking daily and I'm happy with this level of exercise! I've chosen a slightly healthier lifestyle as a result of this condition (not that it was bad before) but I'm confident this has helped as well.

Still on Bisoprolol 2.5mg but follow up July so hopefully a reduction again.

2 Replies

  • Good news and I hope like me you end on no meds other than anticoags. A year seems a long time to be on meds post ablation but we are all different.

  • I've just come off the anticoagulant (Dabigatran) after advice from my doc. I've been on my meds for a long time and I'm guessing they want to ease me off them slowly as I was in permanent afib for 9+ months.

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